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“ I never thought  I can start a business because I was working full time.  Couldn’t find any real person to help me online.  Marq taught me how to schedule my time and his framework to get my business started.  Just in two weeks I already had my business set up while working full time.  within a month I got my first three clients!  I’m so happy I went through his program.”

-Daisy Garcia, New York City

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Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker Cebu Philippines
"I was skeptical at first, but after meeting Marq and seeing his accomplishments I knew he can help grow my business. He taught me so much about growing my business we doubled in sales this year."
What is Life Coaching
Gisele Corcli
Marmaii Fashion
Marketing Consultant Cebu

"I really thought I was too old and I didn't want to risk my life savings to start a business, but I knew if I didn't make the change, I won't have enough money for retirement. Marq taught me how to start my second income as a consultant. Now I'm doing it full time."
Corporate Training Cebu
Gabriel Reyes
Retired OFW
Life Coach Cebu
"I wasn't sure if I could make money from my business idea of drop shipping my local fashion accessories. I'm so glad to have Marq as my coach. His Entrepreneur Mindset training and Business strategy worked!"
Cebu City Business Trainer
Elaine Garcia

Life Changing Programs

Personal Branding Cebu

Personal Branding Success

For thought leaders, business owners, authors, speakers, and coaches.  You can be the best at what you do, but if you don’t have the right strategy to showcase what exactly you do for your clients they’ll just bypass you.  if your’e trying to sell an product or service, it’s a rule of thumb that buyer has to trust you first before even considering making a purchase decision.  

This program is meant for you to be the top of mind in your industry, be trusted in your community and influence people in a way you never thought was possible. 

Start Up Business Skills

Start Up Business Skills for the One Person Army

It’s hard to find a team with the skills needed so a business can be successful.  The secret to my success is sort of inspired by Super Heroes.  Like some mutants in X-Men I have been able to learn, hone and be expert level at skills needed to start and grow a business.  The traditional way of starting a business is long gone.  You’ll learn every skill needed, beyond social media, web design, SEO, content marketing, video editing, graphic designing, branding, strategic planning, and more. 

This program is tailor made for people who have business ideas but hesitate to take action, and for people who are stuck in a job and lifestyle they’re not satisfied with and want to start a business.  If you follow the framework and don’t make a second source of income, we give you a money back guarantee.  My goal is your success. 

The Ultimate Success System

The Ultimate Success System for a Complete Life

For you to be totally happy as a person, it’s imperative to have a level of satsifaction in all areas of your life. This is a deep dive into parts of your life you never considered.  Some have even felt they were Awakened, which is parted of the training.  You will start paying attention to parts of your life and the world, you have never even considered.  

My goal for this program is for you to be happy, healthy, wealthy and properous in all areas of your life.  So successful you can choose the environment you want to live and work in, have high quality relationships with others, love yourself more than ever, and be in the best shape of your life.   You’ll be surprised at how much your life will change.  Other people will notice it too.  

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