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Marq’s values are being authentic and productive while staying healthy.   He believes everyone has the ability to accomplish what they truly desire.   It’s all about discipline, self belief and the right Mindset. 

I was burdened with having too many business ideas and accomplishing nothing.  I decided to improve my leadership and productivity so I can be at my highest level of skills.  With the focus of results that I want to accomplish.  After I found different strategies that worked and I share these strategies for good leadership and high-performance with those who are interested in achieving more in life.

Marq's Youtube Channel

Marq makes motivational videos that can help you change your mindset.  He is a Leadership and High-Performance Coach.  Among other things he is also a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga teacher and has a deep understanding of the Law of Attraction and Universal Laws.   He’s well balanced in Business, Spirituality, Health, and Family.  His Youtube Channel has content that will bring out the best in you.

Books by Marq

Marq has a unique set of books that are all life changing books once you allow yourself to be inspired and take action.

Success Tools

The Poetic Life

Magda Turczynowicz - United States

Marq's Blog

How to Overcome Failure

How to overcome Failure

Fear of failure creates what you mostly fear.  In order to break this cycle we need to look at it more lightly.  All great people in history

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Fear and Suffering

How to Handle Fear and Suffering

Have you cured your insanity?  We are living in world where most people are motivated by the desire for power, greed and fear.  Buddhism calls it Dukka which means

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Detention Method

Detention Method This is a simple method that reminds me of detention.  You basically write what you want, but it has to be one specific

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How to Get things Done

How to Get things Done The to-do list is one of the best tools to get the most important things done.  So many different ways

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Personal Kaizen

Personal Kaizen This is something that I do almost on a monthly basis, but daily I always ask, “What can I improve on?” or “How

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Vision Video

This is one really good tool if you just want to watch a video instead of looking at a board. A lot of people online

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Vision Board Collage

The vision board has been popularized by the movie the Secret and was presented in that movie by John Asseraf.  I’ve practiced this, and it

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Looking Good and Feeling Good Science continuously mentions, your minds and bodies are connected in a way that if your body isn’t feeling good, your

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Memories Gone Chill

Do you have negative memories?  Everyone has bad memories from events, people, and circumstances that might still affect us negatively today.  Our memories become movies

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Expecting the Positive

Expecting the Positive I believe most people come up with brilliant ideas that can make the world better, like business ideas, ways to improve society,

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Negative Thought Assassin

Negative Thought Assassin Anything that is in motion can only be stopped by force.  When you have consistent negative thoughts, it takes a certain amount of

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What is a Future Memory?

Future Memory Revealed All of our thoughts about the future are another form of our memory.  This is good to know because your memory is only

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Meditation Made Simple

Meditation Made Simple In all ages and stages of human evolution, humans have been meditating in one way or the other.  It’s been more popularized lately

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Daily Improvements

Daily Improvements What you find to be fun is probably what you’ll be doing for most of your free time.  I mean we have time for

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Abundance Focus

Abundance Focus We experience the world through our perspective of the world.  We’re all born equal spiritually, but our experience of lack or abundance varies greatly

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Non-Judgement Always Wins Criticism is a way of negative thinking that damages yourself even if you mean it for others.  The most insecure people are the

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Poetry Album

Music Album

Quick Heads Up: These poems and music were made over 15 years ago. They do not represent who I am now. I grew out of this phase of being a starving artist/writer living in New York City.