The Entreprenuer's Secret

The world needs you to share your talents.  The people you love need you to perform at your best.  Let’s clarify your goals, values and obsticales.  We’ll make a plan of action for you to live the life you love. 

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What I Do

I help clarify and prioritze your most important life goals, get you to face the reality at the moment.  Put all the options on the table and get you to take action. 

I Coach.

Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.  Will help you gain clarity in the person you want to be.  Eliminate your limited beliefs and never give excuses again.

I Train

I train Professionals and Entrepreneurs in usable skills like Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, Leadership, Management and Sales.  

I Write.

Multiple books available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other online outlets.  My books range from poetry, personal development and business.

Need Advice?

Let’s clarify your goals in the most important areas in your life.  You deserve to be happy in all areas of your life.

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My e-Books & Courses

I have a range of products that can speed your progress in living the life you want.  They range from personal development, business skills, mind set and spirituality.  All areas of your life deserve your best efforts. 


“ I was able to know my true goals.  Not the goals that other people gave me.  I eliminated my negative thought patterns and was able to create new empowering beliefs.  Now I’m making more progress in my productivity than ever before.”

Sandy Walters

My Story

I been through many tragedies in life.  My father commited suicide, my daughter lived only 10 days, divorce, money problems, relationships problems, addiction to alcohol, business problems and a genereal unhappiness with life.  I’ve been broke, unhealhty, overweight, and always looking for a fight.    

I’ve always known that I needed change so I read books, listened to audio programs, went to seminars, became a certified Yoga Instrtuctor, life coach, and NLP practicioner. I always kept my thirst for knowledge and desire to improve.  You don’t have to read 500 books, listen to thousands of hours of self improvement and business audio, or watch hours of online training.  You don’t have to go through trial and error like I did.  I’ll share with you what works.

Marq Martin