What's Your Big Why?

Your Big Why: What is it?

What’s Your Big Why?

Why is Your Big Why so important? It’s your fuel to keep going when times get difficult.  There’s not much needed to elaborate on this.  Just keep in mind, the bigger your reason to succeed in life, the more you can achieve, the easier it is to keep going.  Your chances of success are great if your reason you motivated each day gives you the energy to keep going.

Your Big Why
Your Big Why

For you to find out your reason why let’s go through some questions.

  1. Who do you want to help the most in your life?

We’ll just make this as simple as it needs to be.  If you don’t shed a tear, thinking of the person, community, or people you want to help the most in your life, then try to keep searching.   Common people reasons, lead to less than mediocre achievements. 

Common people’s reason why:

  • I want to get revenge on all the people who did me wrong
  • Anything in the 7 Sins, especially lust
  • To be recognized is still vanity 
  • To change the world, many people do it for narcissistic reasons
  • For my race, your soul doesn’t have a race. 
  • To make up for all the wrong I’ve done.  This just guilt motivation.
  • So people will look up to me. 

Great Reasons why:

  • For someone or people I love. (Mom, Dad, brother, sister, children, best friends….)
  • To help those who want to achieve success 
  • Henry Ford was related to making it easier for anyone who wants a car to own one.
  • Bill gates were for people who want a computer can afford one.
  • Rockafeller was related to giving to charity
  • To save the world from global warming 
  • To provide high paying jobs for people who want a better life 

Success Tool: Your Big Why

The reason why I want to be Successful

The reason why I jump out of bed each morning

The reason why I live

One of the common mistakes is people say they have a reason why but it’s for show.  They want others to think they have a great reason why, but deep inside, it’s a common reason why.  Your reason why is nothing to share with others.  Don’t get fueled by what others think about your reason why, because it can also de-fuel you.  Don’t share this with anyone.  Achieve your highest goals in life.  Tell us your reason why after.  

Write down your Big Why:

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