Workout or end up in the Hospital

This is a given.  I’m not going to list all the benefits of all the exercises.  If you’re not exercising regularly, then you have to get motivated to exercise.  Just think of it this way: When it comes to your health, you’re either going to spend money on hospital bills or a gym membership.  The gym membership is always going to cost less and feel better.  Most people over forty years old who start going to the gym for the first time don’t join for abs. For many, a doctor said if they don’t start exercising, they’ll get a heart attack, high blood, diabetes,  or depressed even more.  If you don’t exercise and eat healthy whatever sickness you have will get worse.  

You can exercise without spending money, and you most likely already know how to do it.   Just know that most successful people do some kind of aerobic exercise in the morning, even if it’s just walking or jogging for thirty minutes three times a week.  That should be the minimum.  A daily walk is great, and a weekly workout routine is excellent.

Here are signs you’ll end up in the hospital for health reasons:

•      You don’t exercise.

•      You eat a lot of junk food

•      You don’t drink that much water

•      You get sick more than the average person and blame it on genetics

•      You’re a negative thinker and have a negative attitude.

•      You’re filled with worry, fear, doubt, and anxiety.

•      You lack sleep.

•      You have bad habits like smoking, drinking, or illegal drugs.

•      You hardly ever sweat

•      You live in an unhealthy environment.

These are just some reasons why you may end up dying early from health reasons.  Exercise can help prevent it in many ways.   Start working out if you’re not doing it.  Great job if you’re exercising consistently.

If you don’t have a consistent workout routine and eat healthy, what’s the worst that can happen to you in five to 10 years from now? 

Example: I’ll have a heart attack, cancer or even diabetes.  I’ll be overweight and lack energy.  I’ll be depressed like how I felt last week.

If you were motivated to workout consistently at least once a week starting next week.   Just for health improvements. What would you begin doing?  Choose your least busy day and most free schedule.

Example: Monday morning I will work out before work.

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