when life seems unfair Marq Martin

When Life Seems Unfair

When Your Life Seems Unfair

No matter how hard you try, your not seeing success and it seems unfair

Have you ever wanted to achieve things and no matter how hard you try? I t seemed like the world was working against you?  The success that you were seeking might have seemed to come slowly at most.  You put in so much effort to learn new things, applying them, and not getting the results you want.

Growing up you listened to people’s advice to go to school, get educated, and get a good job, you followed all of the rules.  While you watched other people who dropped out of school and didn’t follow the rules succeed. While you’re stuck struggling to get what you want, they seem to achieve with finesse.   It just seems so unfair.

Maybe you weren’t born with rich parents. Your parents might have struggled and worked hard just to give you a mediocre life in terms of physical things.  Yet you see other people who were born into wealth and not have to work hard to get what they want.  They don’t even have to work and money just continues to flow to them.  Doesn’t this make you feel bad about your situation?

The truth is when you come from a place of condemning people who have the success you want. If you continue feeling bitter, and even jealous of their success. You’re repelling your own success.  Success will never come to you when you’re just judging others who are successful and saying that life isn’t fair.

Countless people in the world have this notion that the world is working together to stop them from succeeding.  Many people believe they have done all they can and put in all the work they should be putting in. No matter how much action they take, success still hasn’t come to them. As long as you continue to believe the world is working against you, it will never work for you.

The truth is, no one has the power to prevent you from getting what you want in life.  Success is all up to you and it’s in your total control.  The more you pay attention to the absence of what you want, the more you lose control of your success.

Once you become more success conscious and pay attention to the opportunities. Then begin to pay less attention to how unfair life is, you will have more control over your success.  When you begin reacting positively to other people’s success, you’ll connect more to the energy of success.  If you continue to feel bad about other people’s success, you’ll continue to push success away.

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