What is Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching

You might be interested in getting a life coach or being a life coach. Here I’ll explain what a life coach is and what it isn’t. Life coaching isn’t about teaching or lecturing, not advice-giving, it’s not professional consulting, that’s for business, and it’s not therapy. It’s about helping clients figure out what their goals are, helping them spot the reality of their limiting beliefs, laying out the options, and helping provide action steps for them to get the outcome they want.

It’s not about giving advice. Have you ever got advice from someone forcefully? You didn’t even ask for their advice and they just give it to you. A lot of people give advice without knowing they are really giving advice they should be taking.
Advice giving is not effective in life coaching because the client doesn’t become empowered to find solutions for themselves.

Teaching and lecturing only isn’t life coaching as well.
You need to know exactly what their problem is for you to suggest principles and actions to take. The rise of fake Gurus and people who claim to have all the answers for a high price is rampant.

It’s also not professional consulting. If you are a business coach, you are usually providing business strategies, but if you’re a life coach, you’re dealing more with the emotional side of the person. Life coaching can be beneficial for all professionals because all professionals are human.

When I have my first session with clients, we usually try to figure out an important goal they want to achieve. Many people have goals, but they also have excuses on why they can’t get what they want. I help them find a vision of an outcome they want. From that, we take a hard look at the reality of where they are. After that, we consider all the options to take and make an actionable plan for them to have the outcome they desire eventually.

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