What is a Future Memory?

Future Memory Revealed

All of our thoughts about the future are another form of our memory.  This is good to know because your memory is only as strong as the last time you thought of that memory.  If we have been thinking negatively about the future, it’s time for us to create a better memory of the future.  

Many people who think of the past negatively tend to think of the future negatively.  This goes both ways. It means we are storing negative memories about our past and future, and this can lead to disastrous outcomes.  

The most common thoughts of the past might be regrets, blame, victim mentality, and negative events and situations we wish we never went through.  When we think of the future, we might be thinking of the worst that can happen—negative possibilities, possibilities of failure, things not turning out the way we want them to turn out. 

Since emotions that fire together wire together, we can rewire the way we think about the future.  We can have a future we are excited about, one where we know we will be happier.  We can create a future of love and harmony in our minds.  We can create in our minds a future where everything goes our way.

People say the past doesn’t equal the future, its true only if you stop fearing the future and change your perception of the future.  Your future only changes if you create it in your memory. When you think about it, visualization is just creating a memory.  If your future isn’t in your memory, then your future will be the same as your past.   Similar methods we can use to change our memory of the past are the same methods we can use to change our memory of the future.   Visualizing your future can be considered hard work for some, but its t really should feel like it’s fun.  

Your Good Future Memory

What negative feelings, thoughts, and possibilities have you had about your future lately?

Example: Sometimes I worry about tragic events, and financial problems in the future.

What emotions do you want to consistently feel and the possibilities you want to happen in the future?

Example: I want to feel full faith, trust and confidence of having a good future. 

Choose an area of your future life that you worry about most. You can choose financial, relationships, health, spirituality, etc.  Visualize yourself doing something that makes you feel great about that area of life.

Example: I feel bad about health, so I visualized eating healthy, being healthy, having a good diet. I also feel bad about my financial future, so I visualized taking action on my business plans and managing my business successfully.  I felt healthy and successful during this exercise. 

Think of a symbol or still picture you can keep in your mind that represents your good future.  Someone might think of a symbol like the Mercedes symbol, or a picture of them with their happy family.  During the day when you might worry about your future, bring this symbol or picture to mind and feel positive feelings about it.  

Example: Every time I start to worry about my financial future, I just imagine myself in my state-of-the-art office with a nice suit, posing for a business magazine. 


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