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We are All One – We are All Energy

We are All One – We are All Energy

Let’s consider how the animals in the world began.  In the beginning, everything was big.  The dinosaurs were all humongous, but they had little thinking abilities.  Now compared to the dinosaurs, we’re small, but we have exceptional thinking abilities.  We have assumed the ability to manifest all we want and need in our lives. 

This Universe is energy-based.  Everything ever created is made up of energy.  All forms, from water, to rock, to trees, animals and us human beings are of different vibrations of energy.  The essence of our thoughts is energy.

Everything is made up of the same thing and is all connected in a matrix of energy.  When you ask a Quantum Physicist, they’ll tell you “everything made of one thing in essence,” The whole Universe is connected.

Liquid and solid elements are made of the same substance.  They are just vibrating at different rates.  So, in reality, we are all one.  Just think of yourself as a single cell in the body of the Universe.  Everything we believe in affects one another at a subatomic level.   We’re all energy beings, living in an energy universe.  We come from the same thing.

God or Universal energy is intelligent and creative, and it changes into physical form straight from its original form.  Since everything is the same, everything is connected, it has significant consequences in the mind and physics, the different rates and qualities are frequencies.  All vibration is measured by frequency.

The rock you see is dense and compact and vibrates at a low frequency, and it really doesn’t change much or at least not that fast.  Water changes shape more quickly and become affected by temperature; it freezes when it’s cold and steams when it’s hot.  Thoughts are so much lighter than water or rocks.  They are capable of changing quickly at any moment.  With the right amount of thought energy, we can create anything we want in our lives.

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