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Visualization and Idealization

What separates great leaders from the ordinary skilled worker is that leaders have great vision.  They have a vision and dreams of the lifestyle they want to live, and what they want to provide for there families, friends or community or the world.  They’re able to visualize the future they want.  Not only that, they obsess over what the future they want.  We have the ability to create the future, but first we need to visualize what the future looks like.  Clarity is very important.  Clarity in who you are, what you want and what you need to do to get what you want. 

            One of the greatest exercises we can do is called idealization.  It’s when you consistently imagine what you want to happen in any situation in your life.  You imagine the perfect outcome.  Can you picture how you want your life to be 3 to 5 years from now?  What kind of life you’ll live and with whom?  What career or business you’ll be working on?  Try to visualize an ideal of every aspect in your life.  Not just one time, but on a consistent basis.  Keep the picture in mind while doing the best at the work can, at the work you’re given right now.  Give your best efforts at the work you’re responsible for now, and work happily.  Average people don’t know who they are and what they want, sometimes don’t have there own opinions even.  While the self actualized person has awareness of impulse, desires, opinions and can control their reactions to everything that happens in life.

            As you get clear on who you are and what you want, you can exercise time management, which is the same as life management.  Learn to manage yourself.  If you truly value yourself, you would be able to allocate the greatest resource you have, which is time.  Start doing your best not to waste any precious time.  Now ask yourself, “What do I think of most of the time? What am I always thinking of?” over thousands of years do you know what successful people and great people in history have thought of most of the time?  They thought about what they want to achieve and what they have to do to achieve it.  As a result of this mental focus, they were able to accomplish what they wanted to accomplish.  

            Most unsuccessful people think of what they don’t want most of the time.  So they get it.  They think of the people to blame, the anger they can’t get rid of, problems they can’t get out of.  They can’t seem to understand why they work so hard and end up at the same place they were five years ago.  The mediocre people think of what they want, imagine being unable to get it, and play it safe, or they don’t play at all, they just take what life gives them.  Some think of what they want, a few minutes later what they don’t want and vice versa all day long.  They have a war of “Desires vs. Fears” and never really progress.  Is your mind totally focused on what you want and how you’ll get it?  If not, start focusing.  If you’re focused, keep taking action towards what you want.  

            Have you learned to be optimistic?  The level of your optimism strongly indicates your ability to be happy, healthy, wealthy and successful.  The more you become optimistic, the more energy and enthusiasm you’ll have.  Your mind will benefit, as well as your health, relationships, and productivity will soar when you stay optimistic.   When you practice seeing the bright side to everything and everyone, looking at the glass half full, responding with a positive attitude to everything that happens, you’ll start developing a habit of being optimistic.  Keep building this habit and it’ll be part of your instincts.  

Soon you’ll have an optimistic attitude.  If you don’t have one now, start building an optimistic attitude about everything in life, soon enough you’ll notice life isn’t that bad and experience your life actually get better.  Developing your optimism is like any muscle, “Consistency is the key”.  It will take effort at first but soon enough you’ll be mentally fit and you’ll react optimistically through life’s challenges. 

            To figure out the answers in life we need to ask the right questions.  We can’t have answers to life’s problems without asking a question right?  Usually we’re asking the wrong questions, start asking yourself great quality questions and you’ll have great quality answers.  So ask yourself “Why haven’t I reached my goals yet?”, “If I want this amount of income and this type of business or career, why don’t I have it right now?”.  The answers to these type of questions might hurt, but at least they’ll lead you to the right direction.  Keep asking questions like “What would be my ideal lifestyle? How can I have a million dollars in my bank account right now?  Where would I travel to if I had all the money in the world?”  Just know that to have more in the outer world you need to develop your inner world.  Keep asking yourself questions that you need answers to and you’ll have more solutions. 

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