Vision Video

This is one really good tool if you just want to watch a video instead of looking at a board. A lot of people online make vision videos that include affirmations or subliminal messages for success.  If you can make your own, that would be good, but if you just want to try the ones online, you’ll find a lot of them.  All you have to do is search.

Try these keywords on YouTube:

•      Success affirmation

•      Millionaire affirmation

•      Subliminal visualization

Just choose one video that fits you and play it first thing in the morning and force yourself to watch it for 30 minutes.

What’s good about this exercise is that it includes what you see and what you hear.  When I started this, I used to get lucky deals in business and big orders out of nowhere.  Most success books are really subconscious programming books, and I found this to be a fast and effective way to upgrade your subconscious programming. 

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