Vision Board Collage

The vision board has been popularized by the movie the Secret and was presented in that movie by John Asseraf.  I’ve practiced this, and it has shown to bring in quite good results.  The first time I made a vision map, it was over the top, like it had planes, luxury cars, hotels, mansions, and even a private army.  When I made it, I was broke, driving a fifteen-year-old Toyota that would always overheat.  So, my vision map at that time was totally unbelievable.  It was hard to believe I’ll live in luxury when I was constantly complaining about my car and financial situation.

Your vision board should be something you truly believe you can have.  The rules for visualizing what you want to manifest in your life are the same as your vision board. 

Here are some of the rules:

•      Truly believe you can get what’s on that board

•      Be specific (if it’s a car, what color, what model etc.)

•      Put it where you can see it every day

•      Look at it first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and as often as you want during the day.

•      Connect to it with positive emotions

•      You can even smile while looking at it

•      Feel confident

•      After looking at it, let go of wanting to figure out how you’ll get it 

•      Feel grateful for having those things

Some areas of your life that you might want to include:

•      Family

•      Relationships

•      Love life

•      Your values

•      Health and nutrition

•      Your free time

•      Things that you want

•      Luxury items if you want them

•      Anything you can have or do that makes you happy

There are different ways to make your vision board

•      Make a collage of things you want from searching online then print them on paper or photo paper.  You can even get large prints and hang it as a painting or poster.

•      You get a bunch of magazines and newspapers and cut them out, put them on an illustration board, or pint them on a corkboard.

•      Or you can mix the two, print some pictures out, and cut some out of a magazine.

This vision board is a visual representation of what you desire and what you want to focus on.  It’s great for gaining motivation and keeping you on the right track.  It’s also great to keep you in the vibrational frequency of what you desire. 

In less than 10 pictures, what would you put on your vision board?

Gather those pictures from your files or the internet and make a collage.  Print this collage on an A4 Photo paper or larger, print as many copies as you want.  Then hang it on your desk at work, your bedroom door, anywhere you want, as long as you see it many times during the day.

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