Karma Experiment

The Karma Experiment

I will do the Karma Experiment

About 20 years ago I wrote a screenplay called The Religion of Karma.  It was about this guy who I guess was me, who was like addicted to porn and a pothead.  Then he was unhappy with life and everything.  Lonely, and didn’t have much money.  Then he discovered Knowledge about Karma.

It was just simple knowledge that the more good you do, or bad, it will come back.  He did some experiments and then truly believed in it.  After, he decided to sacrifice like the unnecessary things in life like the smoking, porn and doing bad.  Not long after many good things happened.  To cut the explanation of the movie short, he did a weekly talk, and then got hated on by born again because their members stopped going to church, they violently protested the Karma talks.  Then it ended up into a religion.

So now I think I need to do this in real life.  I have a business, which is not consistently doing well, it’s a furniture business.  I’d like it to be more consistent and grow automatically and eventually without me having to manage it.  I have a massive to-do list that barely gets anything crossed off.  Plus I have been drinking and smoking more than I should.  I also watch porn.  Sue me.  Plus I’m a yoga teacher and I eat meat, which I really do try to be a vegetarian all the time, but never consistent.

I did have a friend in my film making days who would do a “A Deal with God” type of thing.  He would sacrifice smoking weed for one month to be in God’s favor for something he wanted.  He never told us what it was.  What if I made a deal with God by sacrificing the things in my life like alcohol, smoking, meat, negative speech, and thinking of enemies, worry and fear?  It would be nice to give up lustful stuff and any form of laziness. 

What if I tried to do an experiment in Karma?  Like I randomly give to the poor, I do good deeds or people, I complement people, and I always treat people well.    What if I did a Karma Experiment that instead of sacrificing one thing, I sacrifice everything I can.  What if I did my best to be good to everyone in my life? 

Some things I feel that have brought me bad Karma are my relationships.  Because of my lustful ways in the past I ended up with 3 baby mommas.  I think it’s also Vanity.  I also did write a screenplay before any of this happened about a Don Juan, a guy with 3 baby mommas.

I do have bad Karma from having to let my kids grow up in sort of broken homes.  I feel like people who say there is no bad Karma from this is in denial.  I have one kid that I really haven’t talked to and haven’t supported because I feel like there will be conflict and also not sure.  I feel like uncomfortable, although I always think of him and it also makes me feel bad all the time that I haven’t had the courage to ask him and his Mom if I can see him like once a week or a couple times a month.

Let’s just make a list of the possible ways I have bad Karma:

  • Kids in broken homes
  • Neglect one kid
  • Might even have a kid or two I don’t know about
  • Consistently drinking alcohol, a few beers a night, nothing hard
  • Smoke like 10 cigarettes a day
  • Eating meat, it’s not really that bad I think. It might not be bad Karma at all.  (I think some animals are ok with dying because they have a chance to be a human or have a better animal life next life.  Like if you’re a pig you might think “Being a pig sucks, I hope I die already and become something better next life” So there is a possibility eating animals might even give you good Karma or be neutral.  But still I do want to be vegetarian.)
  • I think I’m not a good husband or at least I have bad husband moments.   I say bad  things about my wife’s family because they live with us. I always told her I never want her family to live with us because they’re a distraction; all the sister does is talk about her problems and their family problems.  So it’s problematic energy.  If they weren’t around it would be more peaceful.
  • I might have bad Karma from beating some people in business, but not sure if it counts. 
  • I have bad Karma from not giving enough to beggars. I used to give all the time, then a Guru told me not to give because I’ll fuel their bad habits.  I used to think “just give them more than enough, so if they buy drugs they have enough to buy food also.” So not sure yet, I need a balance when it comes to Charity.
  • I think because Tupac lyrics are in my subconscious “Revenge is the sweetest joy next to getting P*ssy.” Means the next best thing to sex is revenge.  Plus this samurai thing where they believed if you get revenge on someone, your helping with God’s work and God won’t have to spend energy punishing them for their bad deeds.  I do have a history of getting revenge but I want to stop it or let’s see how it goes.
  •  I’m also not giving enough to the world I believe.  Sometimes I feel like a fraud like writing success tools, being a yoga teacher, being a corporate trainer, owning a business, but I’m not yet making the income I’d like to make right now. But my business is growing the ROI is coming I invested in machines and assets this year. Getting bigger accounts and more clients.
  • My Yoga and coaching business isn’t doing that well though. It’s not an autopilot kind of business that’s why I don’t spend much time on it. It’s like you know adults that work and play video games? I don’t play video games I just practice and teach yoga and personal development. I think the Karmic give and take benefits the teacher as long as they change lives and give more value than what the student pays.

What are the possible ways I can get good Karma?

  • Volunteer somewhere like teaching kids or something.  I think kids should get the most charity in the world because they have no choice.  Orphans, abandoned and abused kids, street kids they have no choice, they’ve been dealt a bad hand. 
  • Give to Charity, Tithe More Consistently like donate to World Vision again.
  • Give food to a poor community.  I did want to start a “feeding and reading” program where I donate food and books to poor communities. Then do speeches how they can achieve anything kind of thing.
  • I have to get closure with my kid that I haven’t been communicating with or supporting.  I have like give allowance and spend time with him.
  • Totally let go of bad vices cold turkey.  Smoking, alcohol, porn, criticizing, worrying, allowing myself to get annoyed at people. 
  • Gratitude and Faith Upgrade.  I think if I worry more often it means I don’t trust God and if I’m unhappy with what I haven’t accomplished yet it means I’m not grateful for what I did accomplish and what I’m blessed with.
  • I used to do free meditation classes and there was no catch.  I’m not trying to upsell anything.  I would ask them what’s their biggest problems in life and do a guided meditation to help them with the solution or tell them how to change the way they think to solve the problem.  I was genuinely wishing them well.
  • Teaching Yoga is good I think.  I don’t charge much so I think it helps people.  They pay little and get a good workout.
  • Complementing people, I don’t compliment people as much as I should, like even my workers.  I always think like “You need a pat on the back to do your job?  You’re supposed to do your job.  I’ll give you a pat on the back if you do something extraordinary.”  But maybe I should complement more.
  • Random Acts of Kindness.  This might be good or not so good.  Because if I give unpredictable kindness, I will receive unpredictable good things.  With my faith issues it’s not to have consistent good Karma.
  • Consistent Acts of Kindness Maybe.  I need to auto debit to a charity or weekly prepare food and give to the poor.  Or maybe writing this free blog daily and hoping each blog helps someone. That’s more consistent.
  • Secretly feeling love and sending it to people when I go to public places.  I used do this before, but I recently went back to criticizing people at the mall or even feeling insecure when I’m walking in the mall.  I even almost went back to “What the f*ck you looking at?” I grew up in Jersey City so its normal in that culture.
  • I did used to pray so deep, that I would pray for everyone, like animals, people, countries, friends, family, enemies, and all of God’s creations in every universe and galaxy.  I would send love energy and feel love so deep I shed tears. 
  • Timeless masterpieces.  I need to spend more time writing, creating, publishing timeless masterpieces as I call them.  Create and grow something that will continue without me.  That’s why I’m kind of unhappy because my business still needs me and it’s not growing at the rate I know it can.  But it is growing.  I’m ready to jump to the next business, but I can’t yet.  I want to get into the food business after the furniture.  Then let it grow without me.
  • So spending time on books, videos, blogs, writing, making businesses grow successfully, music or art, even online courses.  These are some things I call timeless masterpieces.  Right now a lot of my time is business, but I feel like I’m not as productive as I should be in making these masterpieces.

So I will begin making progress on this. I don’t want to be those coaches or people online who act like their life is perfect. I’ll just give the truth to the world and hopefully I can be an example of a life with consistent inflow and outflow of good Karma. Hope the same for you.

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