The Conscious Revolution

Are you trying to get in touch with the mind of God?  Haven’t thought about it much have you?  Well lets explore.  The first step is to identify with your higher self, your soul.  This should be done 24 hours per day 7 days a week.  Your soul or higher self, has no boundaries or limitations.  Your higher self does not recognize fear, anxiety, stress or suffering.  We must understand Buddha’s teaching of the Eightfold path.  The right view is having no particular, fixed view, which means seeing that all views are limited, no particular view is the only view.  They’re all restricted, limited and fragmented.  The right view is no view”, it’s total acceptance.

            No one is ever 100% right or 100% wrong in anything.  There’s always a partial truth to any perspective no matter how profound.  As Joenelene Omega would put it “Big yes, little no”.   The same as when you are in an argument with someone, there’s no correct view, it’s only your view and the other person’s view.   Don’t get locked only in your perspective because there’s always another perspective that you can learn from.  Being stuck in your view only is like being stuck in first gear while driving a car.  No matter how fast or luxurious your car is, it’s till stuck in first gear.  Your mind is dysfunctional if you only look at the world through your view.

            What we do most of the time is cling and hold on to the past or hold on to pain.  This leaves us stuck in first gear, it might even send us in a reverse spiral of negativity.  Buddha calls this Dukkha or suffering.  When you’re able to get your wheels turning in a positive and forward motion, it’s called Sukkha.  Dukkha literally means a wheel that doesn’t turn.  Sukkha means your flowing with life from multiple perspectives.

            Conscious thinking is a silent revolution going on as we speak.  In a way it’s a revolution that we don’t need church’s monasteries or temples.  Living our every day life can be a spiritual temple.  The whole world can be a spiritual temple even.  Life can be our church and our classroom.  We learn because every moment an opportunity to grow.  As Confucius says “Even when walking in the company of two other men, I am bound to be able to learn from them.  The good points of the one I copy; the bad points of the other I correct myself”.  Next time we’re waiting in line, or stuck in traffic, rather then being impatient, we can change our view and look at it as a time for prayer and appreciation.  Rather then complain, you can appreciate all of the greatness in your life right now if you choose to. 

            A conscious thinker believes he or she has nothing to prove, they are the Master, they are Unique.  No one in the world is exactly like them.  Balances duality.  They are also natural and ordinary.  They are unconditionally joyful.  Happiness isn’t dependent on conditions or circumstances.  They are fine with whatever feeling or emotions appears but they don’t cling to emotions that aren’t good for them.  They have minds of great joy and great appreciation and gratitude.  Let’s keep our wheels turning towards being consciously of our higher self, our thoughts and our actions.  Let’s live every day and realize that the whole world is our Holy Temple. 

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