The beauty of the First Energy

The beauty of the First Energy

Whatever you do first thing in the morning has a big impact on your entire day.  Our subconscious mind is still open during that time, immediately upon waking we usually do things that we enjoy, but it doesn’t mean it’s productive.  

The first thing you do in the morning is what I call your first energy.  Some people feel the most energy in this time, for the most part, our brains are well-rested.   If we use this time to do highly productive things, we can feel accomplishment in the first part of our day, leading the rest of our day to be productive as well.  It will be an object set in motion.

What to avoid in your first energy regarding your focus:

•      Any form of complaining, blaming, hating, self-mutilation

•      Reacting to social media and the news

•      Watching YouTube, Netflix, or mindless browsing online

•      Anything not productive that take you further from your goals

Some things to focus on:

•      Your most difficult work, like writing, designing, or planning

•      Anything that makes you grateful and happy

•      Your goals and people you love

•      Your most important tasks or something that brings you closer to your goals

•      Any form of learning

•      Meditation

Actions that might be best for your first energy:

•      Learning skills that can help you reach your goals

•      Meditation, prayer, and visualizing your goals and your actions for the day

•      Doing the most difficult and most important work

•      Anything that gets you closer to your physical, spiritual, financial, and other goals

There are many ways to put it like your first energy can count as your morning ritual.  Many people don’t have a morning ritual that’s planned, while others have one but don’t stick to it.  It’s time for you to think about what you are thinking about, feeling, and doing in the morning.  What part of your morning is productive? What’s unproductive? What can change?

Think of your morning as an object set in motion.  The more productive you are, the more productive you’ll be for the rest of the day, unless your productivity will be stopped by force.  The lazier you are, the lazier you’ll be unless you force yourself to stop procrastinating.  So, it’s better to start the day productive, so it will be easier to be productive the rest of the day.

List down some things you want to avoid thinking, feeling, and doing with during your first energy:

What are the unproductive actions you want to stop doing in the morning?

Example: Checking my phone, complaining, adult websites

List five productive things you can do each morning and discipline yourself to stick to this morning routine.

Example: exercise, read, write, meditate, harmonious breakfast

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