Success Tools: Why I Wrote the Book

Success Tools Origin and Benefits

There are so many books on success.  Small books, big books, useless books, and useful books.  I’ve read so many books in achievement because I wasn’t achieving what I wanted in life.  I needed to find a way to become successful, and no one around me, no one I know personally has achieved the success I feel I’m destined to have.

What I didn’t really like about all the research I’ve done were too many stories.  I’m a business guy; I just want to get to the point.  What’s with the stories?  I know there’s a saying like great trainers should be great storytellers.  Some of the books have less than ten good takeaways but have two hundred pages full of stories. This book, however, gets to the point with tools that you can implement right away.

Success Tools has a lot of exercises, so it’s up to you to see which ones will work best for you.  It all depends if you’re a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner.  If you think more visually, you’ll like the visualization type of tools.  If you’re an auditory thinker, the auditory type, and kinesthetic, you might like the writing type of tools.  It’s up to you to see which one will change you the most.

I’ve tried hundreds of success tools in my life.  In this book, I’ll share only the most effective.  There’s still a lot. I dug them up from the most ancient texts and most modern ones.  Some of the exercises were derived from neurosciences like NLP and subconscious programming, as well as metaphysics and esotericism, like universal laws and hermetic principles. I also used concepts from modern-day psychology, positive psychology, life coaching, and other life-changing sources. 

The chapters have been separated for ease of use and quickness of learning.  The first part is just the essential success tools that everyone should already have. It serves as a warm-up section, so make sure you do all exercises there because these tools alone you can change your life. 

This book is different than most because it’s proven to work.  Everything in this book has been researched and tested by me, my team, and my clients.   It’s also not just one discipline, not just NLP or Positive Psychology, because of the open-mindedness of myself and my intuition, this book has tools that are spiritual as well as practical.  It’s not a book just to read; it’s a workbook for you to really do the exercises.

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