Mastering Physical Triggers

Success Tool: Mastering Physical Triggers

Mastering Physical Triggers

Everything we see around us we consciously or unconsciously react to.  Mastering Physical Triggers is part of Feng Shui, which has been around for thousands of years.  It helped me a lot to learn about physical triggers and provide a systematic way that’s proven to increase the positive energy in the house.  It’s not like religious like some people might think.  It’s a little bit superstitious, but it works well.  

Millionaires and Billionaires are doing Feng Shui to their homes and businesses.  Everyone from Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Tommy Hilfiger, Madonna, Oprah, Julia Roberts Gweneth Paltrow, and so many more people are doing Feng Shui.  I use Feng Shui to give me a way to organize my things and set up my house.  They continuously practice Mastering Physical Triggers.

Everything that you see around you is observed by your subconscious mind and you react to them without knowing.  Like if you see a broken doorknob in your house that you keep saying “One day I have to fix this” or anything like that piles up in your mind and gets irritating.   Become more aware of the physical triggers in your house, car, your workplace that you react to, or bothers you.

List down the Physical triggers that bother you in your home, office or car:

  • Something broken in your car
  • Your need for an oil change you postpone it
  • Your desk is messy
  • Broken things in your house and office
  • Furniture you dislike
  • Anything that’s unorganized around you
  • Something you need to get fixed
  • Things you need to get rid of
  • What have you been wanting to replace? 
  • Is there something new you want in your physical space?
  • Have you gotten rid of all dust on your future lately?

Some of the Feng Shui non Feng Shui items I use to trigger my positive emotions

  • Motivational art
  • Success Quotes
  • A Vision Map in the house
  • Feng Shui Frogs
  • Wind chimes for he door
  • Red floor mat in front of the house
  • A water fountain in the correct place
  • Feng Shui Money hanging in my car
  • Pictures of my family
  • A Lucky Cat 

There’s a lot of things we can do to our physical environment without shelling out much cash.  You can just organize your files better, keep everything dust-free, put your future in the right place in the Feng Shui Map.  So make sure you’ve rid yourself of physical triggers that bother you in the environment you have control over.  Research ways to improve your home, car, and workplace, be it minimalism, Marie Kondo, Feng Shui or get a professional organizer. 

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