Spark Joy like Marie Kondo

Spark Joy like Marie Kondo

This is a simple exercise that you can do once a month, especially for people who are overwhelmed with thoughts.  There’s a lot of things in life that we should let go of right now.  Some include our negative thoughts and feelings, patterns of behavior, reactions, opinions, and beliefs that don’t serve us.  These are all different types of thoughts.  Others might be relationships, projects, or anything that may be distracting us from our true purpose. 

Here’s a list to help you get started.

•      Negative thinking

•      Bad behavior

•      Self-serving intentions

•      Negative feelings

•      Opinions that bother you

•      Negative feelings toward others or another world

•      Fear

•      Excuses for inaction

•      Bad relationships

•      Time with negative people

•      People who have bad intentions

•      Some projects

•      Rotten clients 

•      Anything you haven’t used in the past year or 6 months

•      Time browsing online

•      Netflix or videos that have no productive benefit

•      Certain types of food

•      Anything toxic for your body

•      Wanting to control your future too much

You will benefit from letting go because our minds, emotions, physical space, or anything we hold on to can clutter our life.  We need to clear the space in our lives in order to be at peace.  In order to receive, we also have to let go.  When we are ready to let go of certain elements of our lives that don’t serve us, we have more space and attention to what we truly value.

List everything you want to get rid of that’s related to your actions, thought patterns, feelings, and relationships.   Keep in mind, letting go of things gives space for something better.

Our things and physical environment can be the cause of our unhappiness and frustration.  Like always seeing the broken doorknob in your house and saying I’ll fix that one day.  You might see clothes in your closet that bring back bad memories.  Anything broken in your home should be fixed or replaced.  Or you just have too many things that you haven’t used for a long time. 

In order for new things and opportunities to enter your life, you have to let go of what you’re not making use of.  In order for you to have a better house, you have to take care of the house you live in now.  If you want better things in life you have to take care of what you have now.  In order for new physical things to come into your life, you need to make space and let go of the old things that you don’t appreciate anymore. 

List down all of the things you haven’t used in the last 6 months, if it’s something that you’re unsure of letting go of, don’t let go of it. 

Example: some clothes, an old computer, old phone, some furniture, some pots in the kitchen, etc.

List down everything you have to repair, fix, or throw away.

Example: Light in the bathroom, flashlight needs batteries, scratches on the car, get rid of old couch, etc.

List down everything you have to organize, like paperwork or digital files.

Example: Kitchen closets, storage area, desk, filing cabinet, computer files, etc.

Schedule 5 hours in total per week in taking action on these things.  You can do it at one time or scattered throughout the week

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