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The Renaissance Man Journey

Well, no one ever reads blogs anyway so I guess I’ll just write whatever I feel like. As a Renaissance Man, it can be a hand full. Not a lot of people understand the difficulties of what I go through every day. I have to deal with a lot of projects and people who may or may not be of help.

My Books

I have been writing books for almost 20 years. But then I have always finished like 90 percent and then felt insecure to publish them. Still trying to figure out what that is. I think it’s because when I was young I used to daydream of being in talent shows, like rapping on stage or singing on stage. When the talent show came I never had the courage to join them. It might be related to me writing books, and then not having the courage to publish them. This year I’ll be sure to publish the rest of them and write new ones.

Renaissance Man Journey – Music

As a young child, I always loved music, for the emotion, it creates within me and the coolness of the musicians. Memorizing songs that I loved was fun and I still do it. Growing up in Jersey City we just listened to Hip-Hop and R&B mostly and I memorized many songs. Maybe from memorizing those songs, it became very easy for me to write songs and express my feelings and experience through words. I have an album that I haven’t released, it’s been finished for almost 10 years now. Been feeling like it’s time to release it and make a new one. I already have some singles on Spotify and all these other music platforms. Well, it might conflict with my image as a business consultant, but I’m not the average business consultant anyway. I’m above average.

Renaissance Man Journey – Businesses

When it comes to my businesses, there’s a lot of challenges. Many people want to own a business and think it’s so wonderful, but it’s really difficult. There are many times I wasn’t sure what would happen. I just keep on praying and working hard as hell. I think my weakness in business is managing people. Sometimes I just have to hire for the skill, not cause they are available. One I feel someone doesn’t have the skill then I get easily irritated. For me it’s all about bringing in the results, I really don’t like people who give excuses, when they can’t bring in the results.

Work-Life Balance

So far it’s crazy juggling all of these things in my life. I didn’t even include my family yet. I have to deal with a crazy ex-wife who is the worst woman I ever had in my life. About 10 years ago she turned me into the worst person I ever became. I was broke, unhealthy, hated life, because of her. Behind every great man is a great woman. Since I was the worst person I ever was with her, she’s a shitty woman who turned me into a shitty man.

The reason I mention her is that she recently came back from her OFW work and living with her boyfriend, and now they’re basically stealing time from me and my kids and brainwashing my kids not to like me and telling them I’m bad. So I have to deal with this evil bitch. This is time I’ll never get back, so I have to put her in the shitty bitch category. Such a shitty bitch, I have to pay 100% of the tuition of private school and she’s forcing herself to be the one to drop them off and pick them up so she can take credit for paying tuition and all that and talk shit about me to the other parents. Fucking loser. See what I mean? She brings out the worst.

Focusing on the Prize

Let’s take all that mix of energy and focus on the prize. Today I have to do Digital Marketing Training which is about 8 hours or so of me standing and training people. I have my kids with me since it’s Saturday so I have to spend as much quality time with them, might bring them to the carnival. I have to deal with an employee who’s doing good at her work, but I don’t know if she hates me cause when she first started working she just talks about hating her old boss. Now she’s probably talking about hating me since I’m the boss now.

My goal is to reach company goals harmoniously together. Seemed loyal before and dedicated, then after a worker came and I think gave her these negative beliefs and points of view. Then they seem like they both hate me and just complained about me together and made each other unproductive by talking too much. So that’s the hard part about leadership. The productivity and attitude of people are just up and down. It’s something I have to work on handling. It’s not good as a leader to blame employees for their attitude and productivity. I have to be the one to motivate them to be productive and have a good attitude. As for now, I have to work more on my leadership abilities and HR, I think getting the highest skilled workers and filtering them first will be easier to lead if I hire only superstars when it comes to attitude and skills.

Getting Ready for My Day

This is my blog I’ll just write whatever I want here. So It’s 5:15 am. I been up since 3:30, I don’t know why. But I feel good. 6 am the gym opens, so I’ll go to the gym today and I kind of hurt my shoulder yesterday. Spiritually I hurt my shoulder because I hurt this employee when I tried to improve her. So I think that’s why I’m in a bit of pain and so was she. Now I’ll run and do abs only so I can get to the office by 7 am. If people show up to be interviewed I’ll interview them at 7:30am. Then after prepare for my 10 am Digital Marketing Training. After work, I’ll take my kids to the carnival or somewhere that’s celebrating Chinese New Year.

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