Quality Questions

Quality Questions

Questions are the psychologist’s most used tool to help you with your life.  Questions also determine what you focus on.  If your life isn’t as great as you know it should be, you might not be asking the right quality questions.   For anyone to live the highest quality life, they have to ask the highest-quality questions.  The questions a C.E.O. of a tech company asks is different than the questions than a dishwasher. 

Every question you ask yourself leads you to look for the answer.  If you ask bad-quality questions like “What’s the point of even trying?”  “Why is my financial situation horrible?”  your answers will be something like “Yes, there’s no use of trying. I’ll just quit.” Or “it’s because my boss never gave me a raise.” If you ask good quality questions like “How can I improve myself today?” “What book can I read today?”  You’ll have good quality answers and take good quality action. 

Negative quality questions make you feel down and helpless. Questions that lead you to blame others happen quite often.  Start noticing what questions you’re habitually asking yourself.  What are the questions you ask yourself throughout the day?  The best time to monitor your questions is when you’re not really doing any thinking work.  Like while taking a break, in the shower, or walking. 

Many of us are asking bad questions, and it will, most of the time, give us the right answers, but a bad answer.  Bad questions lead to bad answers, which end with bad results.  What if we started asking good questions?  Questions that motivate us and lead us in the right direction.  Choosing high-quality questions that inspire, give confidence and courage, and lead to good decisions.  Like it or not, your decisions are a big factor in why your life is the way it is.  Let’s make sure you ask good quality questions, so you’ll make good decisions. 

What are the bad quality questions you ask yourself? (daily, weekly or monthly) 

Example: How can I get revenge on this person? What can I do to make people think I’m rich even though I’m not? What can I post to make people think I’m cool? What did she do to deserve all that money?  How did I gain so much weight? Why am I so skinny?

What are the questions you need to stop asking because they are counterproductive?

Example: Why do I have to do this work?  How come those rich kids have all that money and they don’t even have to work for it?  Why them and not me?  When I get rich? How come I always have money problems? How come I always get sick? Why doesn’t anyone like my post? 

List at least 10 quality questions you can start saying to replace counterproductive questions. For each counterproductive question, replace it with a good quality question.

Example:  How can I earn wealth?  How can I be healthier?  What should I eat so I can be at my ideal weight?  What time should I work out tomorrow?  How can I maximize my profits this month? What can I create that can help the people I want to be of service to? 

List 10 more high quality questions that help increase your productivity and mindset.

Example: How can I be the best in the world at what I do?  What will I improve today?  How can be more productive?  What can I eliminate today so I can focus on what’s important? 

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