Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk

This is related to affirmations because it’s words and thoughts.  Almost every moment we’re awake, we are talking to ourselves.  We’re questioning things, asking ourselves if we should do or not do something, asking ourselves what to do, and expressing our opinions.  Many times, throughout the day, people put themselves down, put others down, and express negative expectations through words.   Out of all the words you say in your mind less than 1% is expressed verbally to other people.  Possible exceptions of people who speak as part of their profession. 

Some say the quality of our lives is based on the quality of our communication.  So, this is the communication with ourselves and the communication with others. Both have a direct effect on our lives. 

Imagine if the chatterbox in your mind is not you, but someone else.  This is the voice that’s always telling you want decisions to make and what to do.  The words you say to yourself and the excuses you give to achieving or not achieving are connected.  The reason you are where you are right now is because of the person talking in your mind.  If your life is great, the quality of self-talk in your mind must be great.  If your life isn’t as good as it should be, consider monitoring and being more aware of what you’re saying to yourself.

Your self-talk is related to your reaction to people around you—your reaction to the world.  Your self-talk expresses the limitations and pessimism you have of your future and the future of the world.  Your self-talk can be holding you back from being disciplined and even from happiness.  It can be the cause of your success or the cause of your failure.  It’s a key that can lock your potential for greatness in a treasure chest within you.  It’s the same key that can open the same treasure and open the box so your highest potential can come out to make the world better.   

What if you separated your self-talk from you and turned that self-talk into a person?  Imagine taking all the dialogue you’ve been saying and make a character from it. 

If you’re self-talk was a person that talked to you almost every waking hour, would they be a positive or negative impact in your life?

Example: Myself talk has been full of excuses and blame on others.  My self-talk has been hoping for a better future.  It always tells me I deserve a break from work, and always asking to see what’s on social media, so it can judge other people and compare my life to their lives. It wastes a lot of time because it just wants to have fun most of the time. 

Are you happy with your life right now? Good or bad, how did your self-talk help cause your life situation right now?   

Example: I’m happy, sometimes not. I think I have plans and strategies, but when it’s time to take action myself talk tells me to do something more fun and avoids doing the most difficult work. 

What could you change about your self-talk to motivate you to do the right things more often?

Example: I might have to not listen to my self-talk right away, and evaluate things consciously before considering doing what myself talk wants me to do.  I can also remind myself of the people who will benefit from my good quality work. 

If your self-talk was your best friend what would it say right now to motivate you?

Example: Samantha, I know I haven’t been the best influence on you, I promise I will now put your highest values first and I’ll motivate you to live by your highest values.  I also won’t take it easy on you anymore, I’ll push you to do the difficult work and get it done with excellence.  

Continue to monitor your self-talk and make sure your self-talk is helping you to create the life you’re happy to live. 

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