Philosopher Blogs Verse 1

Thinking of random things to blog about, and this format works for me, just allowing words to flow from my heart.

  • In order to stay positive one must have their focus only on the good in their lives.  The feeling of positivity is inside of their solar plexus and can be felt in the blood stream.  A truly positive person will never say or do anything to intentionally hurt someone.  Only a few possess this quality, I am not one of them.
  • Desire to achieve and not achieving is one of the most common sources of negativity.  It’s disappointment in one’s self.  Achieving goals you set for yourself in your personal and professional life is one of the surest roads to happiness and fulfillment.
  • Harmonious relationships is a must when it comes to happiness.  If your intention is good and you want others to be happy, you will also be happy.  When you wish unhappiness for others it will only cause self-sabotage and bad Karma. 
  • If you recently felt physical pain, like you hit your toe on something or got bit by a dog, meditate on the root cause.  All pain we experience is the result of the thoughts and actions we have expressed.  A person who wishes pain for others will surely experience pain of some sort.
  • When the news, social media and society bombard your mind with negativity what do you do?  If it has nothing to do with your goals or your loved ones, you really don’t need to know.  When the collective consciousness of the masses become filled with negativity, it is best to focus within.  Allow positivity to flow from your inner light.  Know less, talk less, think less of what you don’t love. 
  • Wounds from the past become scars that can easily be opened.  Focus not on the pain. Put all your attention on your breath, as you allow your mind to change the subject.  The less you think of something, the closer it is to disappearing.
  • Never allow enemies to take space as if they are elephants in your brain.  Think of them none, speak of them none.  Let them be ants, let them be smoke, let them be nothing in your thoughts.  Keep them out of your thoughts, they don’t deserve to be there.
  • Better to have no enemies at all.  Forgive and love in silence, send loving and caring energy to all who wish you harm.  With them well in silence, no one needs to know. Forgiveness is essential to happiness.  Sending loving energy to your enemies will grow your ability to love those who truly matter in your life.
  • Fools chase admiration and want to be better than others.  Comparing yourself to someone.  Feeling bad or feeling good.  Does nothing for the world.  It’s a game for undeveloped minds.  Do not compare. Care. Better to focus on helping others.

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