Personal Kaizen

Personal Kaizen

This is something that I do almost on a monthly basis, but daily I always ask, “What can I improve on?” or “How can I improve?” all day.  Sometimes we need to make a list of minor and major things we should improve and set some improvement goals.  In every area in our lives, there’s something to improve.

Improvement is highly used in Six Sigma, and Kaizen, and even CANI (Constant and Never-ending Improvement by Anthony Robbins).  In Japan, big companies are open to improvement suggestions from the CEO to the janitor.  Everyone gets their voice heard.

You can do the same if you like. Ask people close to you or people at work what you can improve on.  You can also ask yourself, because who knows you better than yourself?  Just don’t lie to yourself on this one.  What do you need to improve about yourself?  Make a list. Open your journal or get a piece of paper and write down what you can improve on. 

Some of the items you might want to consider are the following:

•      Mental health and stamina

•      Emotions

•      Happiness level

•      Work output

•      Work ethics

•      Physical space, like bedroom, office, house, car, etc.

•      Speed at getting things done

•      Quality and excellence

•      Body language

•      Clothes

•      Ability to save

•      Relationships

•      World view

•      Optimism

•      Charity or tithing

•      Intrapersonal skills with strangers

•      Self-confidence

•      Public speaking

•      Creativity

•      Accounting

•      Writing

•      Drawing

•      Designing

What are Five things you can make improvements on this month?

Example: I can improve my speaking, be more optimistic, challenge myself in a design project

So, there are a lot of areas in your life that you can improve on, and many of them you can take action on within the next twenty-four hours.  Some of them, during the week or month.  Keep in mind that these are not your goals. These are just areas in your life that you know you have to improve on. 

Your list might look like this:

•      Health

o     Run three times a week

o     Get a meal plan and stick to it

o     Don’t put anything unhealthy in my mouth

o     Sleep earlier

o     Stop thinking I’m getting sick but think I’m healing and feeling better

o     Close all pending inquiries for my services

o     Just eat at home and don’t eat anywhere fancy

o     Work on a project that has potential to make money

o     List down twenty ways I can possibly have another source of income

o     Tithe more, knowing it will come back multiplied

If you improved in one to five areas in your life within this month.  How would your life be better?

Example: If I improved in my Website designing, I would be confident to market my business through my website and increase my income.

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