Non-Judgement Always Wins

Criticism is a way of negative thinking that damages yourself even if you mean it for others.  The most insecure people are the ones who criticize others the most.  The less you criticize yourself, the less you criticize others.  The less you criticize others, the less you’ll criticize yourself.  The main reason many people criticize is because of inferiority.   It’s their disappointment they have with themselves redirected at whoever they can point to.

Nonjudgment is a very important part of living a harmonious life.  It’s essential and even people who claim to be Priests, Preachers, Yoga Masters, and Psychology Experts are still judgmental just like everyone else.  They just judge on different topics. The less we judge, the better for our inner peace.  Many times, no one is actually judging us, we just have the perception that other people are judging us based on how we judge others.

The neighbor judges the other neighbors’ financial status and family problems.  The Priest judges’ people who don’t obey the word of the Lord.  The Yoga Master judges people who call themselves Yogis but don’t follow the Yogi diet. The Psychology experts judges the life coach for lack of formal education.   It’s just human nature somehow, that we judge others and express our opinion if it’s good or bad.  Although nonjudgement is learned by people, it’s not practiced as much as it should be. 

For us to have inner peace and harmony, we have to eliminate all judging of what’s right and wrong, good and bad, and what other people are doing wrong.  Allow people to be who they are and you will feel free to be who you are.  Allow the world to be as it is and you will be in peace with who you are. Let’s take some time and assess who and what we have been criticizing. 

If the person your criticizing knows your criticizing they may be hurt and it will cause a negative effect to come back to you, since you caused them pain.  If they have no idea, you’re criticizing them you still get a negative effect.  You observing the flaws of others will make it so much easier for you to observe your own flaws and criticize yourself.  

From my observation, the people with the least confidence are often the ones that criticize themselves the most.  Most likely they are secretly criticizing other people.  The two friends sitting in the mall criticizing everyone that passes by are two of the most insecure people in the world.  

It takes higher understanding of spirituality not to criticize others. As well as control of your thoughts. 

What type of people you criticize the most?

Example: overweight, incompetent, people you know, people who can’t drive

What criticisms do you express about yourself?

Example: I feel over weight, I feel unaccomplished, I’m not good at dancing

If every cause has an effect, what has been the negative effects of you criticizing others?

Example: Possibly lack of confidence, hurt others, feel guilty, bad luck

If you stop wasting your time criticizing others, you’ll have more energy for something better. Also, criticism is in the same category as worrying, hating, fear, and all those negative perspectives.  What can you replace criticism with that will boost your positivity? 

Example: Prayer, self-praise, positive dialogue, or even a compliment by choosing to see what’s good instead, focus on abundance, or positive expectation.

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