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Nervous about not knowing your Purpose in Life?

Do you like depression and Anxiety?   No one does, but we experience feeling down more often then we like to.  We don’t need to actually love them, but we need to accept them and not fight them.  Our emotions are not the problem. Usually the problem is what we do with our emotions, like not go to work because the way we feel.  Or we might even stop going to school or not attend an important event, or you might put your family on hold because you feel down about something.  If you think about it, why do people stay in bed and concentrate on their depression.  Organizing your things, or finishing one of your projects or goals while feeling depressed would be a whole lot better then being depressed and doing nothing.  Either way you’ll still be depressed, but at least if you did something productive you’ll have a cleaner room or a finished project.   

            Sometimes we really can’t control our emotions, the best thing to do is to continue doing what needs to be done despite how we’re feeling.  Don’t let your feelings be your boss.  Don’t let your feelings stop you from being productive.  When you stay productive even though you’re feeling down, you’ll improve your emotional state.  It’s way better to do something productive while feeling down, then being depressed and doing nothing.

The greatest way to improve your emotions is to stay active.  As Anthony Robins says “Emotion comes from motion”.  I thought he was just talking about physiology but when you stay moving towards your goals no matter how you feel, you really feel like you’re in control of your life.  No one feels the same way all of the time.  You might feel angry, happy, feel good or bad.  Either way we still have to keep moving towards our goals.  If someone insults us, we still have to finish our work, so why waste time focusing on the insult, or thinking of a come back?   Just accept how you feel no matter what, and keep moving towards your goals.  

What can speed up your ability to control your emotions is if you are able to love yourself.  Many believe it’s good to love other people but bad to love yourself.  In reality, it’s difficult to love other people if you don’t love yourself.  If we’re all one connected through God, then the best place to start is the part of God inside of you.   You must learn to love all of God’s creations, including yourself, well, especially yourself.  How can you love others if you haven’t learned to love yourself?  Most psychiatrists say that, whatever problems a person needs to fix, can be healed once the patient learns to love herself.  Try looking in the mirror right now and scream “I Love You!” you can even continue with “I love you more.  No I love you more.  No, I love you more…” and so on.  It’s a pretty fun exercise actually.   

As you learn to master your emotions, stay productive and practice loving, you’ll find that your limitations will fade away.  You’ll show natural love and kindness, your light will shine and you’ll begin to illuminate the world.  Now it’s time to serve.  If you haven’t yet, figure out a service you can give, that interests you and suits your talents and abilities.  Something that makes time fly when you immerse yourself in it, and is beneficial to others.  Do something that will say to you “I am your calling and life’s purpose.  We’re going to be life long friends.”  Once you know your life’s purpose, keep going at it until you die.  Yes, find something you want to do all the way to your death bed.  Sometimes it’s something you want to master, and then when you’re older, it’s something you want to teach.  

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