Negative Thought Assassin

Negative Thought Assassin

Anything that is in motion can only be stopped by force.  When you have consistent negative thoughts, it takes a certain amount of force to stop it.  It might take mental, emotional, or even physical force to stop negative thoughts.  Your negative thoughts are a product of habitual thinking and triggers that you automatically react to.  It can be seeing someone’s face on your social media feed that makes you think negatively or remember a negative event. 

When you start negative thinking, most often every other thought after becomes negative, until you get interrupted by something in your physical environment or consciously notice your negative thinking and make a switch to focus on something positive.  We’re always thinking, so that’s a gift and a curse for humans.  When we think negative thoughts, we can’t just stop thinking about it. We have to replace it with something else or keep thinking negatively. 

Changing negative thoughts into positive thoughts is a great habit to have and pass on to people who have a negative thinking problem.  It does take conscious awareness, which just means you notice you’re not feeling good or you’re thinking about something destructive, like  wishing bad things to happen to others, worrying about the worst that can happen, feeling a deep sense of fear.  All of these can be labeled as destructive thoughts because they destroy your mind, emotions, and health.  

Stopping negative thoughts is great especially when it’s still fresh and new.  It becomes more of a challenge if you’re addicted to feeling bad and thinking bad thoughts.  You will destroy your productivity and your health if feeling bad is in your comfort zone.  I’ve witnessed many people with a hateful attitude toward others, worrying and looking for people to talk about their worries with.  Certain people that like to share bad events, bad health, and bad interactions, so that people will pity them.  Some people use pity to control others and ask for favors, while others use it as “I’m the victim, nothing’s my fault” way.  To stop negative patterns like this. We have to stop negative thoughts as soon as they show up. 

List down everything you negatively reacted to over the last year.  The more heated you were the better. 

Example:  People with no manners in the supermarket who don’t put their cart away, people driving like idiots, people on your social media feed saying dumb things.  You might even got mad at yourself for something you did.  It can be hearing about a comment said about you. 

Force yourself and promise, you will never talk about that negative person, event or past situation again.   (The more you think about it, talk about, the more you relive the same memory, and it will never fade away.  Plus, when you talk about people that did you wrong, you reconnect with them in your mind.  Also, negative people and past events shouldn’t be worth your breath to repeat and shouldn’t take any more space in your mind)

Example: I will force myself to never talk about people I don’t like and people who has done me wrong.  They are not worth my breath.  

When you get triggered by people, situations, or thoughts, and start begin feeling negatively about things.  Changing your thoughts into something more positive.  Let negative feelings be a trigger for you to find a better feeling.  When you feel bad about something, what would rather feel? 

Example:  When I start feeling bad about my health, I would rather feel motivated to begin making changes.  When I feel bad about a financial problem, I would rather focus on abundance and feel thankful for what I cherish right now.

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