Master of One vs Ikigai

Master of One vs Ikigai (On finding your purpose)

Master of One I give a 10 and Ikigai a 2. If this was a fight, Master of One Knocks Ikigai the fuck out. Here’s the major differences in the book. Master of one is all about finding the One thing you should be mastering and has a lot of real life experience from the writer Jordan Raynor. While Ikigai is more like how to live long and started from research basically, it’s filled with basic knowledge and case studies. The reason I got these two books at the same time is to know and figure out my purpose in life. I have a shit load of business ideas and I’m smart or dumb enough to take action on them. I have been able to turn ideas into businesses. I also have massive talent that is a gift and a curse. Experiencing everything from all the jobs I had in factories, offices, fast-food, and even bullshit jobs. Doing stand up comedy, screen writing, making a music album and even acting. Making businesses selling pearls, furniture, photography and video, digital marketing, corporate training and business consultation. I’ve Invented things, I had a canteen with vending machines, and even sold Wifi for subscription in a boarding house. I’m really into exercising, lifting weights, almost got a Zumba license and also became a certified Yoga teacher and taught yoga. I wrote poetry, fiction and non-fiction books, trainings, business plans, marketing strategies, procedures and policies, even screenplays. As you can see I need to figure the fuck out what to Master.

What’s good about Master of One

I’m not into that “Christian Woo Woo Jesus is the only answer to everything”. I read the Bible two times, I have a lot of Christian friends, they’re generally good people. I just can’t stand those “If you’re not a Christian, your an asshole” type of people, and try to force you to join them. Get the fuck out my face with your sales pitch. I’m raised Catholic so the scriptures he wrote were familiar. I really did Enjoy this book because he chose the right quotes from the Bible. I think maybe 15% of the book is Bible Quotes related to knowing and mastering your purpose. A lot of it makes sense about the path to singularity. Here’s just a quickie on what makes this book good. Here’s the overall jizz on this book. First he talks about you can’t be excellent in all things, You can be good and above average but for the most part you can be great at one thing. Just writing you can be great at only one thing pisses me off cause I have to sacrifice a lot to do that. Basically he talks about the stages of finding the one thing you want to master and he has like 20 stories of people he knows and includes his life stories. He writes things like “When we work with excellence, we have the privilege of being able to glorify God and proclaim his excellencies to the world around us.” He also talks about your purpose is to glorify God not to please people. As a marketer I figure what people want to buy and sell it to them. Now as a spiritual being, I need to figure out what I can do to glorify God. Is selling things what I’m supposed to do? That’s why I need to figure this out, what to master. On the other hand he says “Our one thing ought to be where our passions and gifts collide with the greatest opportunity to love and serve others through masterful work.” So it your one thing should glorify God and love and serve others. When our work is excellence is how we glorify God. The stages: Explore, Choose, Eliminate, MasterAll the things I’ve done in my life, all the skills and experiences count as exploring. “The path to finding and focusing on your one thing is often messy, creative, and fueled by a healthy dose of exploration and experimentation.” I’m done exploring! I’ve chosen, but I’m not going to share what I chose. It’s time to eliminate, which is the most difficult part for me. Mastering is fun as hell. I love the process of mastering things.

Some of my favorite lines of the book

  • Following Christ means viewing life (including our work) as a service to others rather than as a means of getting something from this world.
  • Happiness follows services
  • You can be anything you want to be (as a myth)
  • The path to excellence in our work is the path of singularity
  • When we work with excellence, we have the great privilege of being able to glorify God and proclaim his excellencies to the world around us.
  • As a Christian we can’t say we are seeking to love our neighbor as ourselves and then do our work with mediocrity.
  • It is through the ministry of excellence that we best love our neighbors through our work.
  • Write one thing you could do in your current work to go beyond the minimum standards and more excellently serve your employer, employees or customers.
  • It is only when we find work that we can do exceptionally well in services of others that we will find deep happiness and passion that is sustainable over the course of our careers.
  • The path to finding work we love starts with seeking work through which we can love others well.
  • Our one thing ought to be where our passions and gifts collide with the greatest opportunity to love and serve others through masterful work.
  • Risks should be celebrated and fear of failure should be minimized, so long as you are making excellent, fast and inexpensive missteps.
  • We are overcommitted, overwhelmed, and overstressed, spending way too much time focused on minutiae rather than the work we believe God created us to do.
  • Go where you learn the most
  • Commit your work to the lord, and your plans will be established
  • Choosing your vocation is not about choosing good or bad or right and wrong. It is about choosing between better and best.
  • “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” -Colossians 3:23
  • Once you give yourself permission to stop trying to do it all, to stop saying yes to everyone, can you make your highest contribution towards the things that really matter. – Greg Mckeown
  • If we are unwilling to say no to the nonessential in order to focus on the work we feel called to master, we are selfishly holding back to the contribution God has called unto make in the world.
  • Beware of side paths
  • Make a list of projects, commitments, or relationships you will eliminate in order to focus on mastering your one thing.
  • Humility is the key character trait throughout the entire path to mastery.
  • Choosing the path to mastery requires we fight for excellence, always striving to become more masterful at our chosen work.
  • When we do our work exceptionally well, focusing first and foremost on serving others rather than pushing a particular agenda, we win the respect of the world and earn the right for our message to be heard.
  • When you and I pursue mastery of our chosen work, we fulfill our call to be the set of the earth.
  • It is only when we get insanely good at what we do that we don’t just all in love with our work but stay in love with it over a long period of time.
  • We feel God’s pleasure when we know we are doing the work he created us to do.

So this book is really good for helping you find your purpose or “Ikigai”. The Ikigai book is just a bunch of research, case studies and general knowledge you can get from blogs. They wasted a whole chapter on “Flow” which I already read the book, where they got that chapter from. It doesn’t even give much information on how to find your Ikigai. Master of One Wins by a Land Slide 10 to 2 on my scored card. It might be different for others, but I bought the two books so I can figure out my purpose. Master of One really gets the job done and even has a workbook on his site if you want to do more exercises. Ikigai is just wanna be psychologists who wanted to write about logotherapy from Victor Frankl, but instead found the Easter, Ikigai and profit from it in the Western World.

Here’s the basic break down of the Ikigai book

  • Anti Aging, that’s general knowledge you can just google
  • Logotherapy to Ikigai, some wanna be psychologist crap
  • Flow, already read the book
  • Interviewing old people how they lived so long, you can google that too
  • ikigai diet, basically whatever they eat in Okinawa (google it)
  • Movements for long life, where they just have basic yoga and tai chi

This Book should have just been an article. They just filled it up with basic things you can Google. They put expensive binding so they can jack up the price. What a bunch of assholes.

Master of One wins by Knockout. Ikigai, should have just been a blog.

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