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            Perfect 10 on your self worth.  That’s how much you start off with when you’re young.  As you grow older you deduct points from your self worth by putting yourself down for your mistakes.  Just know, the moments in your life that were filled with mistakes and regrets, are only a part of life, events don’t define who you are as a person, sins can be forgiven, mistakes can be corrected; so first, forgive yourself for your wrong doings.  

            It’s weird that some of the most intelligent people we know can also be the ones with the lowest sense of self-worth?  Then the most idiotic people we know are sometimes full of confidence?  It’s because the smart people we know usually have high ideals and standards, usually very difficult to achieve and they constantly fail to reach them, therefore increasing self doubt.  George Bernard Shaw said “The ignorant are cocksure and the intelligent full of doubt”.  

            The truth is you’re not less worthy then anyone else.  Your self worth grows when you do what is worthy of you.  You don’t really have to feel worthy in order to do it.  You just need to treat yourself like you’re worthy.  As if you were a guest speaker in an award show, or observe how you treat someone you love.  The way you treat people who you appreciate and are special in your life, you should treat yourself the same way.  In order to feel worthy, we need to end our self-destructive behaviors and self-sabotage so that we can open up to what life has to offer. 

            It’s easy to think of what you need to do, or talk about it.  But the bottom line is, it’s your actions that shape your destiny, so “Just do it!”  One method to create good habits and avoid bad habits is to make the most important habits you need to create, so easy for you to do.  Make the most undesirable habits you want to get rid of, difficult to do.  Like if the good habit you want to form is to read a book.  Start reading once you wake up, keep the book with you at all times, keep your TV off.  If your bad habit is spending too much time playing computer games online, hide your modem in the closet, so it’s more difficult to go online.  Make your positive habit easy to, and your bad habit difficult.

            If fear is what’s stopping you from changing your habits, just know that every daredevil or warrior had hearts filled with fear, but they still pushed through courageously to win battles.   The battles with fear are inside of you, in your thoughts and mind.   Fear, when not conquered, can transform into shyness, inhibition, timidity, lack of confidence, self doubt, insecurity, reluctance to express yourself, or to even show your true self.  Your ability to face fear will determine your ability to achieve and your ability to increase your potential.   So are you consistently overcoming your fears?  Or are you allowing your fears to imprison you?

            Experience of pain, whether it’s physical or psychological is really just temporary.  Matter of fact, it’s objective.  Your resistance to pain is the cause of your suffering.  An experience might create physical pain, but that event isn’t the one that causes your suffering.  Your resistance to the event is what causes suffering.  Stress appears when you resist what’s going on in your reality.  If something bad happens to you, like losing a lover.  The amount of stress you’ll experience is dependent on the meaning of the experience.  When you believe it’s good that you and your lover part ways so you can be free, then you have less suffering.  But when you believe the loss of your lover means, you’re now alone, or you’ll never find a better match, or you don’t know how you’ll live or survive, you experience great suffering.  Many problems are caused when your mind resists what happens in your life.  Just see the positive side to all experiences.  As they say “There’s a good side to everything”.  

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