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How can a life coach from Cebu help you? Well, there’s a lot of ways. Well, you might feel anxious about life and probably have goals that you haven’t achieved yet. Some of you might not even have any goals. It’s very crucial to set goals as we find ways to achieve them together.

When you have a life coach like me, I can help you to bring awareness to your emotions and we’ll dig deep to how you really feel and what you can do to feel better. When you are able to understand why you feel certain feelings and the triggers that cause those feelings, we can find solutions to your emotional problems.

You might not feel so good right now, but I can help you. There’s a lot of methods we will be able to use, and we’ll choose the best one for you. Some of the methods can range from esoteric, NLP, Positive Psychology and we can even use metaphysics. A lot of these methods are interrelated, the main goal is for you to feel good about yourself, feel happy and to make progress in achieving your goals.

As the only Life Coach from Cebu who can bring in the results you want and more. Let’s get together and see what we can do.

1) The Life Balance QuestionnaireIt’s important to get clear on what you actually feel is the main problem and what you hope to achieve through life coaching. To help you do this, I will let you complete the ‘Life Balance Questionnaire’ which will identify areas in your life that are currently out of sync/balance. This provides a great starting point for the coaching process.

2) Identifying the Problem (Undesired Emotion)The next stage is to have a conversation to help you identify the main undesired emotion that you want to deal with in their life.

3) Establishing the Desired Coaching GoalThe next stage is establishing the main coaching goal that you want to work towards and coming into agreement on this. It’s important to only focus on one thing at a time. What’s the first goal you want to work towards?

4) Questions to get to the Root of Limiting BeliefsIt’s important to now get clear on what the client’s main limiting belief is. What’s the main belief holding them back from moving forward and achieving their goals? You can use the template provided to work through these with clients.

5) Core Identity Coaching ModelIt might not be until the second or third session that we get on to the core identity coaching model. Teaching and working through this model with you will help you to understand yourself better and the true nature of the problem you’re having – that’s it’s always attached to your identity in some way.

6) Core Values & priorities at this point, it’s important to help you get clear on what your core values and priorities are. What is it that’s driving you? Helping you to understand this will help you to make wiser choices in line with what you actually want.

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