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Law of Attraction Tips

            Every thought counts.  All of our thoughts vibrate and radiates a signal that goes out, and comes back to us.  Like thoughts attract like thoughts, similar to the “birds of a feather flock together” phrase.   Some describe it as a radio frequency.  Turning your radio into the hip hop station will play hip hop music, the love song station attracts love songs to your ears.  The signal that our minds are tuning into, attract what appears in your lives.   In order to receive love, abundance and all of the good feelings including happiness, you attract them by keeping those thoughts in your mind and those emotions will be the frequency your tuning into.

            Basically, if you’re mean to people you’ll get that energy back to you.  It’s very much like Karma.   A lot of times people magnify problems by complaining and it sticks to their personality, they take it out on a customer service person for example, a very common reaction when people call customer service about a problem.  Usually you might get mad at the person on the phone, and the person still reacts kindly.  When you get off the phone you’re still mad.  But if you decided to be nice, both of you will get off the phone with a smile and you can get on your day attracting good things.

            The better things are going in your life, the more good things will come.  Usually when something bad happens to someone, more bad things will come because of the way they react to these bad events or circumstances.   It’s very obvious when a person is happy or not based on the way they view life.  If they try to control only the external world outside of them, like the economy, bad relationships, or the way people behave.  You’ll just end up saying to yourself how much your life sucks.   You need to focus on internal control, like your vision of yourself, the future, how you look at the world, and how you react the outside world and events determines what you attract. 

            Are you feeling depressed and hopeless?  That’s pretty good actually, at least you know you have these negative feelings, you know that your down, now all you have to do is look up.  You can start choosing thoughts that make you feel better.  Are you depressed because of things you can’t change?  Did you know that most people’s stress comes from wanting, and anxiety comes from not being sure if they will get what they want?  If they just had faith they will get what they want, they wouldn’t be anxious.  When you think thoughts of acceptance and good feeling thoughts, you can work to get what you want with less stress and good feeling thoughts.

            The first step in controlling your life is to determine what you want.  Since we are creators in this world, our job is to create what we want first.  We create our own desires, we strengthen our faith by visualizing ourselves having what we desire.   Most people list down what they want, and then get stressed out about how they’ll get it, and just give up.   The “How” will really take care of itself.  

The real secret about the “How” is you need to fail a number of times in order to get what you want.  And please want something because of the person you’ll become when you have it, not because of how people will react.  That should be the main reward.  The co-main reward can be for the people you can help when you have what you want and become the person you want to be.  So who do you want to be?

As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it “There’s nothing capricious in nature, and the implanting of a desire indicates that its gratification is in the constitution of the creature that feels it”.  This means that whatever you’re able to imagine, the Universe is able to give it to you.  Now just to let you know, there is a gestation period to every thought.  Some plants don’t produce fruit until months or even years after they’re planted as a seed.   So just get clear on what you want, know that the Universe can give it to you, and it will take a reasonable amount of time to manifest, the time can speed up by the strength of your faith or belief that you already have it.  Then enthusiastically take the small steps towards what you want.  When you’re taking these steps, don’t imagine that the world is conspiring against you.  Imagine and take notice that the world is actually helping you to get to the top of these steps, because it’s true. 

We’re unable to feel any negative energy when we are appreciating something in our life.  We can only feel negative or positive energy, and appreciation is the greatest source of positive energy.  Study shows that happy marriages are those that have a 5(Compliments, appreciation, positive interactions) to 1(negative interactions, criticism).  So 5 to 1, what’s the score in your relationships?  Are you complimenting people more than insulting them?   This goes for all relationships, when you give compliments and show application to people, you put people in a positive state.   Each compliment or insult you keep also.  So when you show appreciation it speeds up your power of attraction.  Try it out today, show appreciation to people around you or online and make them feel special, and notice yourself feeling happy.  If you keep it up you’ll be in a constant state of happiness and will attract what makes you happy.

One of the biggest obstacles is that some people want too many things at the same time.  They don’t give enough thoughts and actions to get what they want. The key is to have laser beam focus on what you want, one at a time.  Most people improperly use the Law of Attraction.  They say what they want, maybe visualize, feel like they have it already.  Then complain about not having it and everything else wrong in the world.  There is no clarity in doing this.  You need to focus on what you most want.  For example, you can try for 1 week, just to consciously feel happy.  React to everything happily.  Feel in your chest, the happy energy, breathe deep and feel the happy energy in your chest and sit or stand proudly.  

Positive energy is felt in your chest, and negative energy is felt in your stomach.  Just feel happy, don’t find a reason to be happy because the reasons will come.  Anyway it’s best to feel happy because that’s how you want to feel.  Never depend on things or people to make you happy, make yourself happy first, and those people will make you happier then you already are.  One of the fastest ways to feel happy is to simply smile for 5 to 10 minutes straight.  This is best to do in front of a mirror, unless your comfortable having a big smile for a few minutes after eating lunch at work.  Or you can have a smiling contest with your loved one like “Who ever smiles the longest gets a massage”.  

A great way to use the Law of Attraction is when you wake up, while you’re still in your bed, maybe the shower or having a cup of coffee, or all of the above.  Somewhere in your morning routine imagine the day that you want, imagine how you want the day to go in a good way, and don’t interrupt by saying “no that wont happen”.  We might not get exactly what happens, but we will be able maintain good feelings by appreciating what happens as much as possible.  So if you write down, or imagine having a good day in advanced, you’ll notice the good side of people and the good events of the day.  Try to remember only the good that happens during that day, and let whatever bad events or situations go away from your mind.  Leave no space in your mind for bad memories because they will lead to bad emotions.  While good memories and expecting good, will radiate good feelings and emotions.

When you go through your day, just focus on the emotion of happiness and appreciation.  Imagine that today you will always remind yourself to feel happy, and will be one step closer to your life’s desires.  When you notice a negative thought, be it a present situation or a memory, block that thought out using happy thoughts.   Every little thought is a seed or emotion, every big thought is like a plant or actions, and your dominant thoughts are like trees that bear fruit, which are your habits or your every day life experience.    So it’s true that everything created in this world started with a thought, our thoughts need to be well nurtured with good feelings, so that the fruits of our every day experience will be sweet.  

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