Journaling to Monitor and Make Progress

Journaling to Monitor and Make Progress

Many of the greatest people in the world had journals of some kind.  They wrote about their life including the problems they had, how they felt, their goals, and basically anything on their mind.  It can be sort of a time capsule.  You can look back at the goals and problems you had to solve from years ago and notice how much you evolved.

The most beneficial way to use your journal is to write in the morning what you want to create in your day.  You can include what you’re happy about and grateful for as well.  Then in the night you review your day and be the judge if you were productive, write what you’ve accomplished and what you learned.

Some benefits of having a Success Journal include:

•      Helping you prioritize

•      Time management

•      Get your feelings out

•      Solve your problems

•      Pay attention to your thoughts

•      Notice your dominant thinking

•      Goal setting

•      Monitor your progress on your goals

•      Change your emotions

•      Make yourself feel better

•      Improve your memory

•      Keep your mind and body healthy

•      Make you mentally and emotionally stronger

There’s a lot of coaches that recommend having a journal.  It’s one of the basic tools for anyone who wants to make progress.  To achieve any goal, start by writing it down.  All great achievements start with words, written down and turned into plans.

Make sure your journal is a notebook, not something you keep on your computer or phone.  If you write more naturally on your computer and it’s the only way to keep your files private, it’s ok to use technology for your journal.  You make the final decision on your journal. 

For a physical journal here are some of my suggestions:

•      Make sure it has no lines.  I sometimes get drawing books with thirty to one hundred pages.  A sketchpad or sketchbook is usually really nice.  The paper is thick so the ink doesn’t show on the other side of the page and they come in different sizes. 

•      If you want to do what Leonardo da Vinci did, bring a big sketch pad wherever you go.  Write your thoughts and make sketches anytime and anywhere. The bigger the sketch pad the better.

•      Don’t write too much sad stuff, hating and blaming others.  Keep in mind that what you write about will magnify your emotions.  Writing too much about the problem and lack of writing about the solution can make you feel a ton of bad feelings.

•      When you write obstacles, write your solutions too and find a way to feel good before ending your writing session.

•      Let yourself free and write jokes, poems, your innermost feelings, and anything you want to get off your chest.

•      There will be days when you want to write your bad feelings, but make sure you also take responsibility for how you feel and take responsibility for writing your solutions.

•      Always remember you can write anything, and it doesn’t have to make sense to others.

•      Don’t show your success journal to others.

•      Hopefully you also have enough privacy to write anything without someone trying to read it.  It should be only for you.

Make sure you follow your intuition in choosing your success journal.  Write the date on each page and fill up at least one page a day.

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