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If You’re the Manager, what Manages you?

If you want to know what influences other people, you also need to know what influences you. There are two major factors that mange’s us as leaders and shapes our decision making. One of them is the state we’re in. We can call it also the attitude that we have. As they say, our attitude determines our altitude. It determines how high we go; others can call it a state of mind, while others call it a sense of being. Still, one of the simple ways of describing it is the dominant emotional state that we’re in. It’s what determines our decision making and the results we get.

Have you ever been in a bad state or not feeling good at all and then yelled at someone who had nothing to do with the problem that caused you to be in a bad state? The state we’re in determines the results we get when we deal with people, customers, and other leaders. You can also say that when you feel good, you can only do good things. It might be true, and it might not be true because sometimes people get so caught up in how good they feel they feel invincible and make mistakes. This is why it’s important to always know what state you’re in and know how to influence yourself to be in a good state.

The other part that influences yourself as a leader is to know your deep embedded beliefs. Some might say that it’s your blueprint, which can be a good way to look at it or your personal map of the world.  It’s what you believe to be true. “Whatever you believe is true,” even if it’s not true, you’ll find a way to make it true. Like for those they believe they can’t achieve what they want in life, that they always find a way to mess things up. They subconsciously do what they have to do to prove themselves right. 

In this part that influences you, you need to know that we have negative beliefs and rules in life how things are supposed to be. We also have productive beliefs and rules in life on how things are supposed to be. Sometimes our negative deep embedded beliefs are a major factor for failure and inability to achieve in life. It can also be the cause of our failure in marriage, leadership, business, and even as parents. Our beliefs can determine how high we go or how low we go. It shapes our relationships as well as our achievements. 

In this case, in order to change our state, this can be easy, it can be physical. Physical movement can change your emotions. As they say, motion creates emotion. That’s why when people exercise, they move into a higher vibration and release endorphins that make them happy, feel better, and increase confidence, as well as physical results like strength and endurance. This is one of the most effective ways to change your state. Chemicals can do it, positively or negatively, like coffee, beer, or certain types of food that your body reacts to positively. Our state can be changed by posture as well. Once our state is well-positioned, we can make better decisions.

When it comes to our beliefs and rules, we make about life; this might need a lot of subconscious work.   You can use some tactics like meditation, and finding out what beliefs have been conflicting with your ability to achieve. What memories do you repeat that is not constructive to your life? When in a deep meditative state, that is the best time to change your deepest beliefs quickly. So if you have a negative belief, let’s say, someone called you a failure when you were young, and you believed that was true growing up. You need to go back subconsciously and reprogram your mind to believe the opposite, believe that you’re successful, and you always make the right decisions. So change your attitude and how you feel, and change your deep embedded unconstructive beliefs and make them better than what anyone would expect of you.

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