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How you Can Rebuild Yourself for Abundance

Have you noticed that your personality shows people who you really are as a person? If you go around being discouraged, you have a lack of confidence, and you have negative qualities and especially fear. Other people will get that impression and adjust themselves and treat you accordingly. People will treat you the way you treat yourself. If you try to sell something to someone and you lack belief in yourself and lack belief in your product, the person will lack belief in you and lack belief in your product as well.  

                Yet if you let the same salesperson rebuild his character and give himself thoughts of confidence, enthusiasm, and feelings of success, abundance, wealth, and self-reliance. You will unconsciously believe what he says about himself and his goods, and you will have more confidence in the salesperson as well as trust that what he’s selling is a good product. You will have trust and confidence in doing business with this person because that is what he is expressing to you. Your mind has received these positive mental traits and expressed them back to him.

                Do you know or remember people that radiate the “I can’t” attitude. Are you one of them?  Let’s say you may or may not have been one of them. But you remember someone who had a Negative Mental Attitude. It doesn’t have to be rude, and it doesn’t have to be mean. It was simply a negative person meaning they had a lack of belief in themselves, they would talk about all the reasons why things would fail, and all the reasons why things are impossible. Don’t you feel sorry for them? Don’t you feel affected by all the “hurt” they talk about?

                On the other hand, don’t you know people filled with confidence, fearlessness, energy, and enthusiasm that the moment you come into their presence, you catch the positive energy, and absorb their aura and spirit. These are the type of people that are good to be around. They encourage others because they encourage themselves. The created a character to make them have this Positive Mental Attitude, and with this attitude, they easily received the ability and skills to achieve the things they want in life.

                People who have Positive energy have this positive vibration around them. We can say it’s like an invisible force, like how the Earth has the invisible force of gravity. Yet when it comes to people, we have this force that will attract or repel people. Like attracts like, so if you’re negative, you will attract negative people, and if you are positive, you will attract positive people. Simple as that. The force of our minds largely depends on the quality of Our Mental Attitude.

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