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How to Stay in Your Highest Vibrational Frequency

Your Vibrational Frequency, to put it as the quality of your thoughts and emotions.  The scientific meaning is “the rate at which atoms and sub-particles of a being or object vibrate.  The higher this vibrational frequency is, the closer it is to the frequency of light”.   Even in spiritual scriptures of different beliefs, they associate love with light. 

Love is the highest vibrational frequency; if you consistently put yourself the feeling state of love, you will attract great things.  Your vibrational frequency determines what appears in your life.  If you have a high vibrational frequency of love, gratitude, joy, and bliss, and keep that frequency, you will bring in to your life people and events that give you more of the same. If you have a low vibrational frequency all the time, this is hatred, anger, revenge, guilt, shame, sadness, or fear; you will have similar quality experiences most of the time.  It is a sad reality for those who keep these emotions.  These are the emotions always to avoid; these emotions can be removed and replaced from your life.

You can only hold one emotion at a time.  Just like in the physical world, if I hold a red basketball in my hand, I cannot put a green one in my hand at the same time.  You cannot blend the two basketballs.  So, in your heart, you cannot have love and hatred at the same time.  You can only feel good at this moment, or bad, you will never feel both at the same time.  

Anytime you are feeling bad, find a way to feel good.  The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy states that “We all have the power within us to change any condition in our lives that don’t make us happy.  Higher energy vibration will consume and transform the lower ones.”  You have the power to change any negative emotion with positive emotions.  Darkness is only the absence of light.  Replace any dark feeling by choosing to let the light shine with positive emotions. 

My friend had his arm in a sling cause he fell off a ladder.  He asked me, “What did I do to attract this broken arm in my life?”.  One question I asked was, “How many people do you hate and wish they get hurt in some way?”.  He went on for a few minutes and named about ten people.  I then asked, “Out of these people, did you wish or even pray for one of them would get in accident, tragedy, or die?”.  He said, “I don’t mind if all of them die; I did pray for some of them did die or get hit by a car or something.” 

It was his wanting and praying for other people to get hurt caused him to get his arm broken.  Anytime you want other people to get hurt, you’re praying for yourself to get hurt.  If you hold wishing illness for others, your vibrational frequency is only expressing “wishing illness and pain,” praying for others to be in pain, is the same as praying for yourself to feel pain.  Anytime you want pain or failure for others, you’re holding that energy of bad intention.  You always experience the quality of energy and intentions you radiate.

Being able to attract what you want in life is all about changing your vibrational frequency to the thing that you want.  A high vibrational frequency allows you to attract abundance in your life.  Any negative emotions that you feel throughout your day are leading you to have negative experiences.   Always consider your vibrational frequency when you go about your day.  Are you vibrating at the level of light?  It takes work; it takes mental work to make changes.  Changing the way you think is one of the hardest things to do in life.  So changing your vibrational frequency is a gradual process also.

Emotional Awareness is one of the key ingredients to change your vibrational frequency.  Always pay attention to how your feeling.  When you notice you are not feeling good, change how you think. Choose to feel love, faith, gratitude, or any emotion that feels good.

If you feel bad or depressed, it might be hard to jump into feeling happy all of a sudden.  You can climb your way up to feeling good.  Choose to feel good and focus on it.  Just keep telling yourself, “I feel better,” or “I feel good.”  Smile and repeat to yourself, “I feel good, I feel good, I feel good….” focus on feeling good and keep smiling. 

You will notice yourself starting to feel better.  Another way to make yourself feel better is by meditating yourself to neutral.  There is a high vibrational frequency, low and dull.  If you feel bad, you can meditate to neutral and in that meditation start focusing on feeling good, and smile.

For me, I made gratitude to my neutral point.  I do my best always to feel grateful all the time, and anytime I feel down, I go straight to exploring grateful feelings.  From feeling grateful, I can jump to feeling happiness and love quickly because they are in the same playing field.  It becomes more comfortable for me to be in an excellent vibrational frequency if I am always feeling a deep sense of gratitude.

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