How to Get things Done

How to Get things Done

The to-do list is one of the best tools to get the most important things done.  So many different ways to make your to-do list.  We’ll just keep it simple.  The most common thing that happens is people put too many things on their to-do list.  Another fault is putting down the things you are already doing without needing a to-do list, like cleaning your desk.  Do you really need to put cleaning your desk on your to-do list?

Separate what’s called the whirlwind of activities that you already have to do.  Like replying to an email and messages.  These things should already be routine. Instead, put on your list the tasks you need to get done in order for you to get closer to specific goals. 

The magic number is six and one. Usually you want to put one important thing, that if you do nothing else, you can still consider your day a success.  Typically, you want to put six important things that help you get closer to your goals.   


•      Make your to-do list the night before or at the end of your work day

•      Many people write in the morning and are successful

•      Choose the absolute most important things only you can do

•      Start your day doing the one thing that matters most

•      You can either schedule the time to do these tasks or just do them

•      Give flexibility to be interrupted by your whirlwind of work

•      Expect interruptions or people wanting your attention

•      Work on that task until it’s complete or you finish the time allocated for that task

•      Don’t include routine tasks

•      Focus on the six most important things

•      Do all the other work during downtime work

Focus on the six most important things, start with the most important one, and everything else is just part of your whirlwind of work to be done. 

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