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How Strong and Wise People Use Universal Laws to Succeed

Express your ambition, don’t hide it from the world. You can motivate yourself and feed your dream so that it’ll grow and be healthy. It’s not something foul or nasty. It’s strong and full of vigor.    It’s like being the tree in the garden of life that bears more fruit than any tree in the garden. Let your ambition grow. Don’t believe in those people that say people do evil things with ambition. You might as well not talk to those people if they have a chance of affecting your ambition. 

                Everything in the world has the capability of being used for good or being used for evil. If some natural law is being used for evil, it doesn’t mean that it’s an evil law. It only means that the person who used that law did evil things with it. The same as thought, we all have thoughts, and they are either good thoughts or bad thoughts. So your ambition should have good intentions. 

                The strong and wise people in the world use the natural laws of the universe to achieve great things. Many people have used the natural laws for great things; only a few have misused it. Yet good always wins over evil any day. So as long as your intentions are good to feel free to scream “I want this thing and that, and to feel this way, and to do good things for people, and accomplish anything I desire because my desires are mine’s by right and I demand to use natural laws to accomplish my desires!”   So be ambitious to have Financial Success or any accomplishment you desire because it’s your right.

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