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How can NLP Benefit You?

NLP means Neuro-Linguistic Programming; it’s a hybrid science of Language and operations of the mind. It was based on the study of 3 successful psychologists and hypnotists. It has sped up the ability to change things in humans and made it faster to get rid of phobias, and also negative feelings from the past using what they call time-based techniques. It also helps with the breakthrough of past limitations and accelerates success in our lives. It is a great way to create a compelling future for yourself and also have a great perception of reality. The 5 Principles of NLP are 1, knowing your outcome, 2, take action, 3, Sensory Acuity, 4, Behavior Flexibility, and 5, Psychology and physiology of success.

                To know your outcome is basically to understand what results you want. It is not just a state; when you are thinking about having an outcome in your life, it is better if it is something tangible. Like an award or something that takes a few steps to reach. Like graduating from school or making more money. When you put an outcome that you want to be a happy person, it doesn’t take any steps. You can just choose to be happy at the moment. The same way that you can choose to be sad. When you have a tangible outcome, it takes steps to reach it, and NLP will help you reach it faster and more effectively.

                Taking action is something that should start right after knowing your outcome. The bad part about setting up a goal and then deciding to start next week or tomorrow is that you might look at it as if it weighed a ton and decide not to go through trying to reach that goal. So if you set an outcome, it is good to take action and start that moment so that your discipline also starts that moment. Now sensory acuity is important because it means knowing your results. Knowing what your results are very important to see how far you are away from your outcome.

                After finding out your results, you need to adjust yourself to be able to get those results. You need to grow as a person in order to reach those results. Behaviour Flexibility is an important character trait that all champions have because they keep track of the results that might have been good or bad, most of the time their behaviour reaction is that I can do better next round. 

                The psychology and physiology of success mean that how your mind and attitude is will reflect on your body posture and body language without you having to control it. And how you posture yourself will also have an effect on your mind, and sometimes you can’t control it either. Because we are so used to slouching down when feeling sad whenever we slouch down, we end up feeling sad even if we have nothing to be sad about. And when we stand up straight, we end up feeling confident because that’s how we stand when we feel confident about things.  This is just a small part of NLP, more like an introduction. It is best to go into detail and actually practice the methods created by NLP practitioners and masters. When you recognize that the methods actually do work, it will take you to a new level in your personality development, and you will see results appear without having to bend over backwards to get it. It will change your outlook on life, and it will bring you the results that you have been wanting. If you have never tried NLP, but you want to know what it’s about. Just try the five principles that I have introduced to you, and you will have a small understanding of its potential.

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