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Happiness, Health, Wealth, and The Law of Attraction

Many people have been wondering about the Law of Attraction by now, and it’s time that people know what it’s about in a simple way.  Basically, the Law of Attraction is a law in the universe, just like gravity.  It has been recorded throughout time but in different versions.  It’s been written in stone in 3,000 BC through stories.  It has been expressed by writers, painters, musicians, scientists, philosophers, and religions.   It has always been true that the power of our lives depends on the power of our minds, and we get what we focus on the most.

                One example is some people who gain wealth and loose wealth.  For example, they might have won the lottery by thinking wealthy thoughts.  When they got the money, all they did was fear they were going to lose the money.  So they lost it.  When they lost it, they had no more fear of losing money cause they didn’t have it, so they just thought of wealth, and they gained it back again.  The cycle goes on for some of these people until they realize that it was because of thought they gained and lost money.

                If you look at your mind as a magnet, only a magnet can attract to it.  It is a true saying that “Like attracts like” But in a level of thought it means that like thoughts attract like thoughts. When you have good thoughts of health and wealth, corresponding thoughts will come into your mind.  And your mind and body have a frequency sort of like an aura, and that frequency is what will attract things to you and will let you get the things you attract.  Sort of like listening to a song, when you focus all your attention on that song, you sing the song the whole day because you focused all of your attention on that song, the song keeps coming back to you throughout the day.

                When they say you become what you think about most, it means that what your life is right now is because of your thinking.  If you have a wonderful life, you must be thinking of wonderful thoughts.  But if your life isn’t so good, you might have been thinking fearful thoughts.  At least now you know that your thoughts create your life so you can start to choose thoughts that you want instead of thoughts that you don’t want.  The dominant thought pattern and attitude that you have will create and attract corresponding things from the outside world to your life.   Everything that you send it through the form of thought and feeling will come back to you.

                Most people don’t have what they want is because they always think of what they don’t want.  They think out of fear.  They think they don’t want something bad to happen, and eventually, something bad happens, it may not be the same exact thing, but it is in the same frequency of thought.  It is better to start thinking and speaking about what you want.  When you focus on what happened to you that you didn’t want to happen and complain about it, more things of that nature will happen to you.  But when you focus on what you do want to happen, things of that nature will start to happen in your life as well.  As long as you focus on what you want with all of your attention, you will get what you want, the Law of Attraction is really obedient.

                The Law of Attraction is working as much as you’re thinking.  It is always working, and when you focus on things with passion, it will happen faster.  It’s working when you’re reading, exercising, pondering about the past or future, and even when you’re sleeping.  It is a good habit to think good thoughts before you sleep so that you will be attracting good things while you sleep and wake up in a good mood to start your day. 

                Whether you know it or not, The Law of Attraction is working.  All the things you have in your life right now, the people, money, the lifestyle are all because of the result of your past thinking, and now it has been physically manifested.  You create your whole entire life with your mind.  The mind is shaping what is going to appear in your life in the future sooner or later.  Your thoughts are creating the world around you.  Worrying about having negative thoughts will attract more worrying about having negative thoughts.  So just decide to feel good now and choose your thoughts carefully.

                One method that many people who are successful with the Law of Attraction use is meditation. Meditation quiets the mind, and it helps you be able to control your thoughts.  Imagine just focusing on your thoughts for a few minutes per day, just quieting the mind.  You can just think that you are the master of your thoughts and think good thoughts while you meditate.   Meditate on the best version of you, and eventually, that will become your life.  Just remember what you focus on the most will appear in your life.

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