Finding Your Purpose: A Simple Strategy

Finding Your Purpose: A Simple Strategy

Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose: A Simple Strategy
Finding Your Purpose: A Simple Strategy

I may not know you personally, but I know your purpose is to be of service some in one form or another.  If you’re doing something that doesn’t make you feel fulfilled then you might not be serving your purpose.  Since there are no accidents in life, you’re still at the right place at the right time.  Sometimes doing what brings us dissatisfaction can give us a better sense of what gives us satisfaction. 

Keep in mind, your purpose is to serve others.  It may not be fun all the time, but as long as it brings you joy, you’re on the right path.  The best athletes in the world love what they do, but they don’t enjoy going to the gym and training every single moment.  They have fun in practice, but not every hour and every day.  Doing what you love, and saying there’s no work to be done is a fairy tale.  We can find our passion, do what we love and be successful, it will take effort.

Many people find their purpose and don’t put any work in being successful at it.  While others, with hard work, become successful at something that has nothing to do with their passion.  Your purpose is something your passionate about, benefits many people, or benefits a few people in major ways, and the hard work seems like fun because you’re good at it. 

Success Tool: Simple way of Finding Your Purpose

  • List everything you would absolutely love doing for the rest of your life
  • What are you good at or had success with in the past?
  • How can you deliver your service or product to others?
  • What is the big impact you’ll have on each person you serve?
  • How many people will you serve with your purpose?

You might not be 100% sure right now if the answer you have in mind is your purpose.  You might already kind of know your purpose, but you have negative beliefs that have been stopping you.  In any case.  Write down your temporary purpose in life.  


“My purpose in life is to be a good wife and take care of my family”  

“My purpose in life is to make the best software that changes the way people do business.”

“My purpose in life is to make life-changing products that teach people how to live their dreams.”

“My purpose in life is to make as much money as I can with my work, so I can open up a restaurant.” 

Whatever your purpose is right now might change in the future.  If you feel strongly about your purpose right now, it should be the right one.   If your purpose in this exercise makes you feel strong then it’s good.  If later in the future you have more passion for a different purpose, that’s better.   As long as you have a purpose right now that you created for yourself.  You might get it right the first time, so that would be great.  For now, just brainstorm what your purpose might be right now.

My purpose in life is…..

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