Looking Good and Feeling Good

Science continuously mentions, your minds and bodies are connected in a way that if your body isn’t feeling good, your mind won’t feel good too.  If your body language shows that you’re sad, you’ll be slumping down, and if you’re confident, you’ll have a confident posture.  Just by picturing how a sad, happy, or confident person looks, you can kind of imagine their body posture.

Body language is the way you communicate with your body to others and to yourself.  So, keep conscious awareness of how your body is postured, the type of movements you make, your facial expressions, and your gestures.  When you talk to someone make sure you make eye contact; when you shake hands, make sure they don’t feel uncomfortable about it. 

Some ways to improve your body language:

•      Improve your posture with the Alexander technique

•      Yoga

•      Running

•      Lifting weights

•      Any exercise

The best way to improve your body language is to get more physically active.  If your body is always active, your posture gets better as well as your mind.  Mentally, you can just stay consciously aware of your body language and posture yourself in a way that makes you feel good and confident.  You can be confident in your mind by looking confident with your body.

As your posture reveals to the people your level of confidence and sometimes what you’re thinking.  People also notice the type of clothes you wear.  In all parts of the world, there are different types of clothing that resemble your status.  When a person wears a shirt, tie, and blazer, for example, the majority will think this person is a professional of some sort.  Maybe a lawyer or executive. 

I know, the billionaires wear simple clothes and they are successful.  Yet when they have to go to court, they always wear a shirt, tie, and blazer.  That’s because they want to be taken seriously by the courtroom.  Anyone in sales knows they have to look clean and relatable to their client.  A woman selling Barbecue at a food truck will dress differently from a woman selling high-end art.  They both dress in a way their clients are familiar with. 

In society, the well-dressed and good-looking people get treated better out of the bat.  If someone has bad body language and they dress like a slob, they wouldn’t get class-A treatment everywhere they go.  Because society is judgmental.  If that person looks and dresses like a soccer mom, they must be a soccer mom.  If that person dresses like a C.E.O. they must be a C.E.O.  Little do they know, many C.E.O.’s are also soccer moms.

Dressing well and looking good can lead to feeling good.  It may not be the strategy for everyone, but it works for many people.  Part of mastering the physical part of your life is dressing the way you want.  Dress for success as the old saying goes.  This can be easily overdone and you might pick the wrong clothes sometimes, but it’s good to make sure the clothes you wear each day make you feel good.

What part of your posture and body language do you want to improve?

Are you willing to take time and make improvements? If so, when?

What clothes and accessories do you wear that doesn’t make you feel fantastic?

Are you willing to make changes in what you wear to make yourself feel fantastic?

How do you want others to perceive you professionally? Are you willing to upgrade your looks to make sure this happens?

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