How to Feel good during Covid 19 Pandemic Marq Martin

13 Ways to Feel Good During the Pandemic

Feel Good During the Pandemic

You can still to feel good during the Pandemic

People are stuck at home feeling anxiety, stress, and fear. Although this is becoming common, you can still feel good during the pandemic.  Many are going through financial troubles.  So much more are going through mental troubles.  You might have experienced not knowing what to expect in the future.  Millions of people around the world already have depression. Let’s focus on what we can change in our lives to stay positive.

Imagine a brighter future

Feel Good During the Pandemic

People are watching the news, talking with friends, observing other people’s opinions online.  Don’t let other people’s negative views of the future become yours.  The probability of the world ending, everyone dying, or financial collapse slim to none.  Your view of the future is your choice.  Choose to believe the future for the world, yourself, and loved ones will be amazing.

Cherish your loved ones

Feel Great Marq Martin

It’s not the time to be sick of seeing the same person every day.  Now is the time to cherish them more.  During the Coronavirus Pandemic, you might be stuck at home seeing the same people.  A tendency is you might focus on the bad things they are doing.  Not focusing the good inside of them.  See everyone around you in a new and brighter light.  Everyone has good intentions and is just trying to do the best they can.  Cherish them for their good intentions.

Exercise and Sweat

Workout Marq Martin

Staying at home during the pandemic means not being able to go outside and take a jog, go to the gym or join a Zumba class.   Motion and emotion are related, the more you move the better you feel.  Energize yourself with the scientifically proven method for feeling happy, exercise.  If you don’t know what workouts to do just search on Youtube for Yoga, Zumba, HIIT, and other home workouts.  If you need a push hire a virtual personal trainer or join live fitness classes.

Practice Eating Healthy

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It’s the perfect time for you to control what you eat.  I’ve been on a plant-based diet for almost a month so I can stay positive during the covid 19 pandemic.  Getting food delivered makes it so much easier because I’m not tempted to buy meat items in the supermarket.  I went to the mall recently, the only places to eat were fast-food restaurants.  As a vegan, there are limited choices outside, and so tempting looking at the pictures of food in the mall.  Take advantage of your time at home, it’s really the best time to control 100% of what you eat.

Do What You Love and Follow Your Passion

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There’s never been a better time to start doing what you love.  Most adults tend to stop following their passion when much of their time gets consumed by work, social life, and family priorities.   What you enjoyed doing and dreaming about when you were young is still in you.  One of the major lessons this pandemic should teach you is that life is short.  Whatever passion you have in a box that you kept closed, it’s time to let it out. 

Be Kinder than Ever

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It’s not the time to compare yourself to other people and try to show the world how great you are.  It’s time to show the world how kind you are.  Kindness has always been one of the scarcely used traits in the world.  Be more kind and sympathetic to those who are suffering.  People who didn’t need any help from you last year might need your help this year.  Be kind to strangers and expect nothing back, let your ability to give kindness be a reward in itself.  Be humble about it.

Deep Gratitude

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Being grateful is good, but being so grateful you feel it deep in your soul is better.  Your feeling of gratitude shouldn’t just be words in your head or an emotion in your heart.   Deep gratitude means feeling grateful in your soul.   The surest way to know your gratitude is deep is your teardrops fall because of gratitude. 

Pray with Faith and Hope

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The most common mistake people make when they pray is praying with fear, anxiety, and revenge.   Destructive emotions should never be felt during prayer unless you need help letting them go.  Never leave a prayer or meditation with negative emotion.  Pray with faith and hope that everything will be fine after the Pandemic.

Stop with the Bad News


Media took advantage of the World’s Uncertainty.  They got super high ratings when the pandemic was starting to boil.  They’re one of the main culprits of the fear the world has.  Their headlines bring fear, wanting to know more.  Media leaves you fearful with no solutions.  Eliminate your bad news intake or at least never go more than the headline.  These days we’re sort of depending on the news for protocols or new government regulations.  Specific websites or a trusted person can help you avoid having to consume negative news.  Find better ways to stay updated so you won’t have to consume bad news to find government updates and regulations.  

Imagine the World Healing

Feel Good During the Pandemic imagine the world being better
Feel Good During the Pandemic

Some see the world is breaking down and getting destroyed.  As I do when I feel a bit down with my health, I just tell myself “I’m Healing” and focus on my healing.  That way I avoid getting sick, I haven’t been sick in 10 years.  As collective conscious of people, if all of us just focus on the world healing, and focus on things getting better, it will get better faster.  Start with you as an individual, close your eyes, and do a time-lapse of the world healing and recovering.  Imagine how much better the world will be two years from now.   Imagine the world becoming better than ever.

Focus on Your Goals and Love

Feel Good During the Pandemic doing what you love
Feel Good During the Pandemic

I like to practice is Focusing on Goals and Love, nothing else.  What you want to achieve and what you love.  Too much focus outside of your goals and what you love isn’t beneficial.  Gossip and celebrity news isn’t all that important.  People just consume unimportant facts and other people’s tragedies to make themselves feel better.  People who don’t achieve much often spread the news of other people’s tragedies and embarrassments.  Instead, focus on your goals, you have more time than ever to plan and achieve goals.  If you say “I don’t have money to pursue my goals”, go for goals that don’t require money.  Pay the price with discipline and effort.

Find a way to feel great

Feel Good During the Pandemic Finding a way how to

You know how to feel bad, you know what makes you mad, and who you don’t like.  How much energy do you spend asking “What can I do to feel better now?”  Expecting others to make them happy is the cause of unhappiness. When you take total responsibility for how you feel, the choices are endless.  Keep asking yourself “How can I feel good at this moment?”.  One of the best ways to feel good is by taking action on something you’ve been thinking of doing.  Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a Class A Experience.  This means it makes you feel good, it’s good for you, and it makes others feel good.  It can also be as simple as smiling or having a cup of coffee and feeling grateful.

Stay Productive

Feel Good During the Pandemic with Productivity

One of the benefits of being home during the pandemic is your ability to create your own schedule in your free time.  If your free time isn’t doing something productive, something that helps you become better, then your wasting it.  Your time will be wasted if you don’t do something productive with it.  Avoid getting sucked into the social media routine, unproductive communication, and too much entertainment.  There’s a healthy dose for everything, just make sure the biggest dose of your waking life is productivity.

Take Action

Hope you can apply some of the tips in this blog and take action on them. Always keep in mind you can Feel Good During the Pandemic. If you liked the blog and found it useful, feel free to share with people on your social media. Sending you love energy and I hope you do what you love, stay healthy and be the change.

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