How to Handle Fear and Suffering

Fear and Suffering

Have you cured your insanity?  We are living in world where most people are motivated by the desire for power, greed and fear.  Buddhism calls it Dukka which means “unsatisfied, suffering, or misery”.  Christianity calls it Sin.  Can you recognize you own sins and the wrong ways of thinking?  You need to recognize your insanity in order for you to be sane.  

Being spiritual has nothing to do with your knowledge.  Nothing to do with what you tell people.  It depends on your conscious thinking. How you act and react to other people and the world determines your level of spirituality.   The world needs to know that heaven is in our thoughts and hearts, it’s not a place.  Once people recognize this, they will know if we choose to, we can live in heaven today.

When we stop the belief that the Source, or God is far away from us, we lose connection to God inside of us.  Stop to realize that we’re all connected in this world.  People who are possessive and always say “My this”, and “My that” “My car was stolen” or “My wallet was lost” lose the truth that everything is connected.  No one really owns anything.  We don’t own people.  Everything’s connected to each other.  We have can have anything we want because everything is connected.

Most people live in painful emotions because we have the tendency to perpetuate the emotions we repeatedly use.  We’re actually hard wired to remember negative emotions much easier than positive ones.  This can be changed by consciously rewiring our brains.  Most people are carrying old emotions filled with pain, so they walk around in a negative state.

When your negative emotions aren’t faced, you will still have energies of negativity with you.  Negative energy that hasn’t been totally annihilated can still germinated and grow.  It’s best we face our negative emotions and eliminate them totally.

Awareness of our thoughts is a big part of eliminating our fears and negative emotions.  We can do only two things; accept the thoughts we are thinking or make ourselves miserable.  Situations we experience are the primary causes of our unhappiness.  We need to separate ourselves from the situation, which is not who we are, and choose our thoughts of happiness.

Every experience we have is a helpful evolution of our life being.  Every experience you have is what you need right now, it’s for your own good.   Most people believe “I don’t deserve to suffer”.  But this is wrong, suffering is a noble purpose, we need to embrace our suffering as a process of serving our higher purpose.

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