Expecting the Positive

Expecting the Positive

I believe most people come up with brilliant ideas that can make the world better, like business ideas, ways to improve society, and people’s minds as a whole.  The majority of people who come up with ideas usually have negative expectations of themselves and people buying into their ideas.  Those who do make their ideas into a reality are able to because of positive expectations as they take the effort.  

In our daily lives, we have a mix of positive and negative expectations of ourselves and future events and circumstances.  What helps us dramatically is having positive expectations.  You can still be prepared to know negative possibilities that may occur, but when the majority of our expectations are for the positive outcome, you will usually get positive results.  

What you have been able to accomplish in life is always linked to the level of expectations you have of yourself.  What if, in the future, in our ideas and our abilities, we have only positive expectations about the outcomes of our efforts?  When we have negative expectations, we usually put in less effort in what we want to accomplish.  When we have positive expectations, we put in more effort.  

It’s true in psychology as well as in metaphysics that what we expect to happen has an effect on what will happen.  If you expect only good things to happen in the near future, you will get it, if it’s part of your dominating thoughts and feelings.  Positive expectations should be a consistent thought pattern that’s part of your dominating thoughts, for best results.  

List down negative expectations that affected your life. 

What are the repeated negative expectations in the areas of your money, health, relationships, spirituality, etc.

In the same areas where you have negative expectations.  For each negative expectation, replace it with a positive expectation and adjustments to your behavior if needed.  Make some new positive expectations. 

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