Renaissance Cover



I wrote these books about a decade ago.  I haven’t released them because it has sensitive subjects.  I felt people will get enraged by this content.   It was a time when I was a lot more spiritual than I am right now.

These books include Knowledge of the Forbidden Tree, which is about the planes of existence that include our mind, emotions, physical body, and Spirit of the World.   It’s written in somewhat fiction form but has timeless principles and learning lessons.   Much of it is written with creativity and intuition.

The second book was first titled God: The Law of Love, then Infinite Love, then 100% Love.  I just kept changing the titles but the essence remains.  It’s a book for a way to live with a dominant emotion of love.   Hopefully it changes peoples perception on their ability to love and encourage them to have an abundance of love.

International Water War is the third book.  It’s a fiction love story.  A very beautiful story.   I got the urge to write it, and obsessed about it for one week and finished it.  I just let the pen go and allowed my intuition to write.

I hope you learn and enjoy these books.  Thank you!