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Discover Your Purpose Exercise

Discover and Clarify Your Purpose

This is one of the exercises from my up coming book “You’re life Coach doesn’t want you to have this” (Success Tools was my first title choice, let me know which one you like better) it’s tools and exercises that can help you improve your life.

I may not know you personally, but I know your purpose is to be of service in one form or another.  If you’re doing something that doesn’t make you feel fulfilled, then you might not be serving your purpose.  Since there are no accidents in life, you’re still at the right place at the right time.  Sometimes doing what brings us dissatisfaction can give us a better sense of what satisfaction means to us. 

Keep in mind that your purpose is to serve others.  Working on our goals that are in line with our purpose may not be fun 100% of the journey.   The best athletes in the world love what they do, but they don’t enjoy going to the gym and training every day.  They will have fun in practice, but not every hour and every day will be fun.  Doing what you love and saying there’s no work to be done is a fairy tale.  Finding our passion, doing what we love, and being successful at it will take work.  

Many people find their purpose and don’t put any work to be successful at it.  While others, with hard work, become successful at something that has nothing to do with their passion.  Your purpose is something you’re passionate about, benefits many people, or a few people in major ways, and the hard work seems like fun because you’re good at it.  

Path to Discovering Your Purpose

Who do you want to be of service to? (Think of a small specific group, not the whole world)

Example: People who want to learn graphic designing

Example 2: My Family

Example 3: Affluent members of society who appreciate good art


What will you do to make their lives better?

Example: I will make educational courses in graphic design so they can get graphic design jobs

Example 2: I will take care and love them daily and make sure they have good values

Example 3: I will make high quality art that can be considered masterpieces and sell them


My purpose in life is….

Example: To teach and coach people who want to learn and master graphic design

Example 2: To be a good father to my children and make sure they become confident and capable adults.

Example 3: To make timeless masterpiece of art that people love and cherish __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Since everything in life comes in seasons, sometimes our purpose can change or shift.  The one thing that seldom should change is our values.  Our purpose can change, but shouldn’t change too often.  If a house wife’s purpose was to raise great children, her purpose would need to evolove into something else when the children grow older and make families of their own.  She might reignite her passion for art or use her cooking experience to open a restaurant. 

Whatever your purpose is right now may change in the future.  If you feel strongly about your purpose right now, it should be the right one.   If your purpose in this exercise makes you feel motivated, then it’s good.  If later in the future you have more passion for a different purpose, that’s better, as long as you have a purpose right now that you created for yourself.  

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