Reason Why

Discover Your Big “Why”

This is one of the exercises from my up coming book “You’re life Coach doesn’t want you to have this” (Success Tools was my first title choice, let me know which one you like better) it’s tools and exercises that can help you improve your life.

The Big Why

There are books written about this topic alone.  Why?  Because your why is so important.  It’s your fuel to keep going when times get difficult.  There’s not much needed to elaborate on this.  Just keep in mind, the bigger your reason to succeed in life, the more you can achieve, and the easier it is to keep going.  Your chances of success are great if your reason why continues to motivate you each day. 

For you to find out your why, let’s go through some questions.

  1. Who do you want to help the most in your life?

We’ll just make this as simple as it needs to be.  If you don’t shed a tear thinking of the person, community, or people you want to help the most in your life, then try to keep searching.   Common people reasons lead to less than mediocre achievements.  If you’re reason for getting a new job is because your friend offered it, the reason you want to be an IT Professional is so you don’t have to deal with people. The reason you chose to be a DJ is to meet girls and make money partying.  

Usual reasons why’:

  • I want to get revenge on all the people who did me wrong.
  • Anything in the 7 deadly sins. Lust, glutteny, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, or pride
  • To be recognized (vanity). 
  • To make up for all the wrong I’ve done.  (This just guilt motivation.)
  • Cause someone told me to
  • To impress their friends

Find a greater reason why you want to achieve your goals.  Everyone wants to achieve something for their family.  That’s a great reason.  How about for the people you want to serve? The change you want to make in the world?  A great reason for being should always be outside of you.  It should be for people you want to be of service to. 

Great reasons why:

  • For someone or people I love (Mom, dad, brother, sister, children, best friends, etc.)
  • To help those I want to be of service to
  • To save the world from something bad 
  • To help families be by providing jobs
  • To inspire artists for generations beyond 
  • Henry Ford’s why was to make it easy for anyone who wanted to own a car. 
  • Bill Gates wanted to an affordable computer for everyone while 
  • Rockefeller’s why was related to giving to charity
  • Mother Teresa was to serve the poorest of the poor and live among them and like them

Write down your Big Why: (The bigger the reason, the bigger the motivation)


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