Detention Method

Detention Method

This is a simple method that reminds me of detention.  You basically write what you want, but it has to be one specific desire only.  Just write it fifty-five times each day for five days.  That’s pretty simple, right?  Example: “I have a brand-new Mercedes Benz GLE.” You can just put anything you want, and as long as it’s believable and you take action on it, you have a good chance of getting it. 

This isn’t something I would solely depend on.  I think it’s more useful for changing your subconscious beliefs rather than manifesting out of magic like some people hope it can do.  This is good mostly for changing your subconscious mind on what’s possible.

For people who aren’t that visual and have a hard time visualizing what they want, and for people who have a hard time focusing, this method is a good exercise, where you simply write down what you want fifty-five times for five days in your journal or notebook, and make sure what you want is handwritten, not typed.

Write down having something you want twenty-five times in the present tense in one sentence. 

Example: I have a brand-new MacBook, I have a brand-new MacBook, I have a brand-new MacBook.

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