Daily Improvements

Daily Improvements

What you find to be fun is probably what you’ll be doing for most of your free time.  I mean we have time for work, which is not fun for 85 percent of people working now.  When they do have free time, they do what is fun, which may mean spending time with people they love, exercising, watching TV, cooking, going on the internet, drinking, smoking, looking for romance, or imagine romance.  Most of our worrying is done in our free time. When we’re not busy.   

What have you been doing with your free time?  Have you been spending time to improve yourself?  Have you been taking actions such as meditation, self-reflection, reading, learning through video or audio materials, making improvements on your productivity or your health?  

Imagine applying the Six Sigma principle in your own life.  Six Sigma began in manufacturing where they had 3.4 errors for every one million products.  What if we had 3.4 errors of every one million seconds in our lives?  What if we had very little errors in our lives and wasted no time on things that pull us away from our goals?

For many companies to reach the Six Sigma level of manufacturing, there’s a term called Kaizen.  It’s continuous improvement in working practices and personal efficiency.  What if one of your values in life was to be always improving?  What if you found continuous improvement to be fun?  You would more likely spend more time improving. 

There’s always time for continuous improvements

If you don’t start spending your energy on improving personally and professionally, what are the worst things that can happen? 

Example: I probably will just be stuck in life; I’ll just be doing well enough.  I might even become broke and live on the streets.  

Based on what you have total control over, what do you want to improve in your personal and professional life?

Example: I would like to improve my business skills and dealing with people.  Also, public speaking.  I want to improve my health and relationships. Productivity too and organizing. 

How can you improve yourself on a daily basis in these areas?

Example: Learning and research, application and practice, always asking myself “How can improve?” 

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