Criticizing is for losers

Criticizing is for losers, You’re not a Loser

Criticizing is for losers, you’re not a loser

What I noticed in the workplace, in schools, from neighbors, basically everywhere that people know each other, a lot of groups in the Philippines, unfortunately, criticize each other.  Even “Professional Groups” still act like high school kids that criticize and sabotage each other.  Even in the jeep, I am uncertain of the ratio, but I am very sure people in the jeepney criticize each other silently sitting across each other.  So very counterproductive to success.  Any type of criticism, even in thought, never expressed, is your poison.

When it comes to criticizing, you cannot give to anyone what you do not hold within you.  If I give you a gift and the other people refuse to accept or acknowledge it, then I keep that gift.  I criticize you, and you do not even know I am criticizing you, then I hold that criticism. Also, if you know I criticized you, I keep that negative energy because it came from me.  Criticism is self-created negative energy, releasing poisonous chemicals in your body.

Try for 30 days not criticizing anyone– the outcome, along with benefits, is tremendous.  One advantage is you will have more confidence.  From what I noticed, the people who criticize others are 100% more insecure than those who practice non-judgment.  I know this girl that makes fun of everyone and everything.  On his Facebook, she makes fun of whoever is the laughing stock of the moment.  It might range from a poor kid, an ugly old lady, or anyone being embarrassed recently.  From continuously pointing out the flaws in other people, she’s on autopilot in criticizing herself and lives a life of zero confidence.

People that fear criticism the most are the ones criticizing the most, either as thoughts or expressing them to others.  The average person still fears to talk in public, to speak on video, to get out of their comfort zone or try to reach a goal because they fear criticism.  They fear criticism because when they walk in the mall and criticize the fat lady with her belly is showing, they criticize the girl who has beautiful hair but is butt ugly when she turns around.  From criticizing these random people in the mall with your friend, both of you create a monster inside that continuously slams yourself.  Birds of a feather become insecure together.

Do you criticize the Jollibee cashier as the idiot who got their order wrong?  When you react to people with criticism, you also become a walking pile of negative energy.  For example, if someone makes a mistake and gives you a burger instead of chicken, you have several ways to react.  

You can yell and insult, which will come back and hurt you spiritually.  You can accept what is, and eat the chicken and accept what God has chosen for you at that moment.   If you desire what you ordered and nothing else, correct them kindly.  Don’t be a jerk about it.   Being a jerk puts you in a negative vibration, don’t be those people who humiliate themselves complaining loudly in restaurants.

For me, I always ask, “What did I do to attract this?”.  For everything, bad or good, that appears in my life, but I investigate my thoughts and actions so I may figure out the root cause.  For you to change any problem in life, you have to find the root cause.  It will always be in your inner deepest thoughts and beliefs, or whether you helped or harmed others. 

Again, try at least for 30 days, no criticizing.  You can replace looking for negative things to say to people to saying something good about them or do not say anything at all.  I am sure you have those negative friends or people you know who can find something negative about how you look, the first 5 seconds they see you.  So, they can say, “You gained weight,” or “What are you wearing?  It looks funny,” or “I heard you got dumped!” 

Some people think criticizing others makes them look better cause “At least that wasn’t me” or “At least I’m not living that guy’s life.”  Yeah, it might make you feel good to compare yourself to others who have it worse than you.  It is still certainly not a good route to take.  You should compare yourself only to yourself.  Failures are the ones that always point out the shortcomings of others. 

My suggestion is to practice the art of acceptance.  Be like water.  Just accept everyone and everything as they are.  If you do not like what that guy is wearing, do not pay attention to it.  Do not talk about it.  When you talk about it, you connect to that “I don’t like” energy, and attract more of that.  When you see a crazy naked man or woman walking in the street, do not tap the person you are next to so they can also take a look, but rather allow everyone to be as they are; thus, the world will enable you to be who you are.

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