COVID 19 Cebu Update

COVID 19 Update in Business and Life

We are right now living in a big part of World History as for now this is a COVID 19 Update.  So, whoever is living and able to write and record their life and feelings to write it out.  I feel like this time will be remembered for all of human history.  So now, I’ll share with you all my thoughts and feelings and how it affected me, my family, and businesses. 

COVID 19 Update and kids

Worst of all, I haven’t been able to see my sons for over a month. Since the mom is here for now, they are in another city. In Cebu, they closed borders to other cities.  So they are with their mom and at her boyfriends’ parents’ house. I’m here in my house with my daughter and wife. It’s sad; I can’t communicate with them that much.  I try to chat with them, but then the mom doesn’t reply all the time. I can only video call them a couple of times a week instead of every day for now.

COVID 19 Update in Productivity

I thought that I would be more disciplined in this lockdown, but it’s not consistent.  Some days I can work like 10 hours and some days I’m not.  I have been drinking earlier during the day than before.  Sometimes I just have some beers in the afternoon and fall asleep early. 

From this point on, I will vow to stop drinking alcohol. Since my birthday is tomorrow, I won’t drink, and I will stop smoking as well.  So this is my vow, and I hope whoever reading this will ask for updates. It’s nice to know if people care and maybe get inspired.

By 4:30 AM this morning, and I did about 90 minutes of subconscious programming.  I want to start having the 2-hour monk meditation each morning. I put on some earphones and listen to subconscious programming while I kind of doze back to sleep.

To me it works better for subconscious programming than just meditating by myself.  One thought to another jumps around if I meditate, instead of focusing on one subject or belief system.  Before, I used to meditate three times per day like Dali lama, so I’ll go back to that as well.  As for now, I like to do the half-asleep subconscious programming. I can do it for an hour without much effort, and it has excellent effects.

My fitness has fallen off.  This January I joined the gym and wanted to have six-pack abs before my birthday tomorrow.  I got a little belly and stopped working out as my fitness COVID 19 Update.  I still have muscles, but not in the shape I should be.  Well, I’m still in a better way than most people my age. I’ll go for elite athlete endurance and fitness again. I’ll do yoga and calisthenics for now.  I’ve always believed in being healthy in mind, body, and spirit. If your body is weak, your mind and soul will be weak also.

Business and Innovation

There is a lot of business challenges now.  Since I own an Office Furniture store, I’m not an essential business.  This has got me to really consider to go back into the food business. I did have a canteen a few years ago and found it easy to manage and grow. It’s a lot easier to start a food business now since people can just cook at their house and get Grab to deliver. 

The food business is one I’ll make this year. I know I can make one and have it operating at a profit.  I never had the passion, but soon I’ll start one and let someone manage it since the motivation and the old saying “Serve the Masses and Dine with the Classes” is such an eye-opener right now.  Food shelter and clothing businesses are always going to be around, but the food is going to be bought more often than anything else.  It’s going to be fun to make this one.

There’s something about the internet, though.  Since last year I always had a fear that the internet would shut down somehow and kept preparing or a brick and mortar set up in case it ever shuts down I can still get customers.  But then the total opposite happened, which I would never have predicted.  The COVID 19 Life began, and everything changed.

Innovation and the Future

Owning a corporate training company and doing Digital Marketing, Sales, and Leadership Training. We started in hotels but then shared the space with my furniture business eventually. I kind of predicted that virtual training would eventually happen. I’m working on making the training virtual, and online courses as well. For sure there will be less live events after the lock-down and people will feel safer doing virtual training.  There are some inquiries even though there’s lock-down so I’ll prepare some training for May 2020.

There is a lot of options and business ideas lately.  I bought some websites just because a business idea popped in my head.  I don’t know why I do that.  Right now, looking into the future, I feel like I really could use an investor and business partners.  I have other businesses that I get to work on during my free time. I just need one investor to invest the right amount of money. I’ll have at least 5 to 10 businesses making millions a year.  An investor and maybe business partners will be good this year.

What I did work on at the start of the COVID 19 was my personal brand and my books.  This way if there is an investor interested my personal brand will be on point. I revised one of my books, Changing the Filipino Mind, and I’m working on my next book Success Tools. After success tools I’ll make Digital Marketing for small businesses as a book and online course. These knowledge products will be under my personal brand. I’ll add them to be available in my corporate training and digital marketing company as well. I’ll help the other trainers in the company to make online courses soon after I finish mine.  The first half of the lock-down I worked on my personal brand and treated it like a business. The second half I will do branding and optimization for my companies and hopefully get an investor soon. The goal is keep doing what I love and still grow my businesses during the 2020 year.

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