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Changing Your Character is Not Impossible

To change, we must recognize that we shouldn’t be boasting about our lack of temperament, inability to achieve, and adverse personality defects. They notice that other people have these positive traits, and they say to themselves, if I had those qualities, I would also be successful. They fail in thinking that since they don’t have the merits at the moment, they will never have those qualities. They see themselves as a mind that can never be fixed, improved upon, or rebuilt. They think that they’re stuck with whatever conditions they have at the moment. 

                Science has shown time after time that men can practice with diligence and change his character, his temper, and all of his habits. You can make yourself over to a new person. With new habits, new patterns of thoughts, new ways of acquiring wealth. You can have a better love life and more excellent health, greater success, and achieve new things. You can kill undesirable traits of character, and replace them with desirable characteristics, qualities, and faculties. You can give yourself a total make-over.

                The brain has plenty of unused cells. There are even parts of the brain that we don’t know how to use. We have so much potential in our minds since the average person only uses 10% of it. When we start to create new habits of thought, new methods of living our brain cells will begin to produce new cells that will be evolved and developed and produce new desires and change your pattern of thinking. The Mental Attitude you have now is the brain cells rebuilding itself to continue that Mental Attitude.  So if you change the Mental Attitude, your brain cells will also change. 

                Our mind or soul is inside of our brain. Our brains are used as an instrument of the mind. Our deepest desires are in our minds, and if we desire to have a better life, it’s actually Nature that wants that desire also. We didn’t realize that we can change our character traits into something better.  That’s why maybe you didn’t strive to change your character in the past because you thought it wasn’t possible. Now that you know it’s possible to change everything and anything about your character, you should start the process of doing so by first choosing what part or parts of your character you would like to change.        

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