How to overcome Failure

How to Overcome Failure

Fear of failure creates what you mostly fear.  In order to break this cycle we need to look at it more lightly.  All great people in history experienced failures, from inventors, athletes, and business people.  They look at failure as a friend, or as a joke.  Some even look at it as just taking another step.  As Michael Jordan put …

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How to Handle Fear and Suffering

Fear and Suffering

Have you cured your insanity?  We are living in world where most people are motivated by the desire for power, greed and fear.  Buddhism calls it Dukka which means “unsatisfied, suffering, or misery”.  Christianity calls it Sin.  Can you recognize you own sins and the wrong ways of thinking?  You need to recognize your insanity in order for you to be sane.   Being …

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Detention Method

Detention Method This is a simple method that reminds me of detention.  You basically write what you want, but it has to be one specific desire only.  Just write it fifty-five times each day for five days.  That’s pretty simple, right?  Example: “I have a brand-new Mercedes Benz GLE.” You can just put anything you …

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How to Get things Done

How to Get things Done The to-do list is one of the best tools to get the most important things done.  So many different ways to make your to-do list.  We’ll just keep it simple.  The most common thing that happens is people put too many things on their to-do list.  Another fault is putting …

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Personal Kaizen

Personal Kaizen This is something that I do almost on a monthly basis, but daily I always ask, “What can I improve on?” or “How can I improve?” all day.  Sometimes we need to make a list of minor and major things we should improve and set some improvement goals.  In every area in our …

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